Nature VS Nurture Debate

In class, we have been learning about nature vs nurture. From my understanding of nature and nurture, nature is something that comes from my parents as genes and nurture are something where you learned to be that way and how the society is. It is something that you have in your genes or something you are taught with. As an example, this video, the first part talks about the Cambridge study, how an adult plays with a baby who is really either a boy or a girl but changes their gender to see if the adult would stereotype the baby of giving a boy toy or a girl doll. By this result, it seemed that the adults would give boy toys to the baby because of the way the babies dressed and force them to play with those toy stereotyping them. In the second part, the Hines study, they were trying to investigate how the monkeys would react to when given the toys. As a result, it turned out that boy monkeys would get toys like cars and trucks however girl monkeys would get dolls and one of the girl monkeys would get a monkey doll in a plastic bag because she probably thought that she had to take care of her.

The last video we watched was a short documentary on genetics and sports. throughout the video, even though black athletes may be the fastest runner and can be really fast, that doesn’t mean that white people are slow. Some white people can be faster than black people, however, it is just saying that the fastest fastest runner is the black athletes. In my opinion, this would show both nature as well as nurture because some people may have genes to make them fast but there are possibilities that they were trained very well even though they don’t have any genes.

Overall, I think that we are in a time where our abilities and behaviors are from both our genes as well as the society and how the environment is. This is because it may be supported with our genes but as well supported by the environment and how people are around us. Our behavior depends on our genes but can also change throughout how we are with other people and how we react exploring. Our likes and dislikes can change by influences and by where the environment is around us.

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