One School Project Reflection

Last week, we had two days off on Thursday and Friday. While we had a two day off we did the “One School Project“. We had 22 groups and I was with Aura, Andre, Kotaro and Cailey. The One School Project is a project that we did with 7 and 8th grade. It is a project to make the school work together as a group to make it a Whole school with Elementary, Middle and High School.  We also had to name are group and our group was “Team Pizza” We also had a brain break which I was in charge of. There was a brain break category in the One School Project website and I chose the “Can you do it? (Neck)” breaks.

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This is a selfie we all took.
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Brain break

What are group did was, we thought of the project “Whole School Play”. We thought that having a whole school play will undoubtedly achieve three aims: to combine the school and work as “one school”, to engage with members and staffs school wide, and to improve arts skills. This would be fun even for the students that don’t join because they can have fun watching the production. Also if there are students that aren’t interested in drama but interested in art, they can help with building the sets and decorate the costumes, etc. Students from MS and HS can also work as crew members, helping with lighting and sound. We also had brain-breaks witch I was in charge of.

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Our challenges, while doing the project was to get surveys from the HS students because the times schedules are different so what we did was to go to the cafeteria at the HS Lunch time and take surveys. But for the Elementary school we went to classes and took surveys from them. I think this was a good opportunity to meet new people because I got to make new friends that I never talked to before and even if people were sometimes annoying they would still be fun and so I got to work with groups that I never talked to even if they were in my grade.


What I am looking forward during Grade 7

This is about the third year I have been in YIS and what I am looking forward in Grade 7 the most would be field Studies. I think this because we get to play with friends and sleep with them. I think this would be a great time because in 7th grade we have Ms. Madrid for our tutor teacher. Which means that in 7th grade we get to have fun with friends playing around and also we get to have the most amazing teacher in the world! I was also looking forward to getting new teachers, whether the teacher is there first year here or a new teacher that I haven’t had before. I hope to have fun and get to know more friends even though they are boys.