My Favourite Tutorial:Assassin’s Micro Crossbow

This is my favourite tutorial because in the beginning he shows you how it should look like and he showed what you need to make it and he used household items which are easy to get and he put in the description a thing you can print and then use it to make the sticks right size and he does not go to fast and his voice is very clear.

I don’t really like this tutorial because he speeds the video really fast which makes it really hard to catch up with and in does not talk clearly i think he edit it to sound like a robot.but i like how he uses really simple things to make it and it is very easy to make.

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  1. 21boweringk

    The first tutorial was good because he tells you what you need and where you can get the materials for the cross bow. but I think he could show us how he took away the excess glue.

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