Design Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

In design we have been studying about tutorials and we made our own tutorial and researched tutorial videos in class and posted them in our blogs.i have learned the key things to make a good tutorial video.We also made a tutorial presentation and a tutorial research google doc.

The key thing:

1. Loud Voice

2.Not too complicated

3.Easy steps


I comment To these blogs Keita and Jaehyun

We should make tutorials because we can show people how to do new things and show them how to do it or you can do something old because some people dont no how to do it.Tutorials solve things that you don’t know how to do

I watched How to make a How to make a micro crossbow

Good thing about this video:

1.Its easy to understand

2.The steps are easy to follow

Bad things about the video:

1.He talks too fast that makes it hard to know what he is saying.

2.He used a knife and some kids can’t use knifes.

My topic is How to make a mini Crossbow I chose this topic because i thought it would be a fun little thing you could do if you are bored and have nothing else to do but its a little dangerous so if you make it don’t use it around people.

I am kind of nervous about making a tutorial.I want to learn how to edit videos next so if i make tutorials i can make it better by editing it.I enjoyed learning about tutorials and how to make it a good tutorial.

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  1. Kim Cofino

    This is a good point: “Tutorials solve things that you don’t know how to do” I’m still wondering what you think are the key elements of good tutorial design? We’re going to learn how to edit video next!

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