Humanities (Minecraft Biome Project)

In the jungle the trees there are tall with vines on them with bushes on the ground and it gets really humid and it rains a lot thats way it is also known as a rainforest and there are animals in the jungle there are snakes,crocodiles and insects like butterflies, beetles and mosquitos.

If you lived in a jungle most of the houses are tree houses on top of the trees or on the ground but they would have stilts on the bottom of them to keep animals and water away from the house.

Some jungles are found in:


Places in india


Parts of Africa

The Bottom of mexico     

Here are some pictures of houses in the jungle:

architecture-hotel-amazing-traditional-tree-house-hotel-with-natural-wood-staircase-also-breathataking-teak-wood-panels-exterior-wall-and-appealing-dry-leafs-roofing-at-natural-jungle-big-trees-aroun 17 Kenyah longhouse

I think using minecraft for this project is good because it easy fun to use and it is good to use for building creations i think next time we do a something using this kind of stuff we should use minecraft.

Heres a mini tour and some pictures of my treehouse:

2015-01-19_09.57.30 2015-01-19_09.59.19

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