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My subject is koki hattori ( his blog ) i got influenced by a style of painting called pixel art. i did not really express anything from koki i just thought it wold be funny but i think that it did turn out funny.

i  used some warm colours and some light colours for the clothes i mostly used red and white and a little bit of yellow and brown i mixed colours together to get the brown and i did slow brushes so i would not go out of the lines and so it will not look messy.

I expressed that koki is in YIS by putting him in the playground with the basketball net but i could also show that he is in YIS by making him wear the school P.E t-shirts with the teams on them.

I think that it does not mater if the audience or the painter have different  Apennines if they do i think they are both right because then they both have active imaginations