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Design Tutorial Video And Survey


In Design Class We Have Finally Finished Our Tutorial Video and We also Have a Survey For the tutorial so when you watch the video you can do the Survey About the tutorial and add Suggestions to make it better so next time we do a tutorial video we can use your suggestions to make the tutorial video better.

My design specifications were to have transitions, Music, Subtitles and Voice Over. I did not really add all these specifications for voice over i did not know how to do and with subtitles i did not think i needed them for the video.


In my tutorial video i changed some things that were in the storyboard so for example in my storyboard it says for the transitions that it is the same thing for every transition but for my video i added some different transitions to the tutorial video so it would not be boring and be the same thing over and over again.


I watched Three Tutorials and i have learned things from them that i could use it to make my tutorial video better:

Jaehyun’s Video:I liked how he fast forwarded the mixing part so everyone could see how he did it so it would be more easy to follow.

Awaize’s Video:I like how he put music in the background but it was not to loud and his voice was loud enough to hear.

Kai’s Video:I like how he made the apple detailed but easy to draw and he makes the steps clear and easy to understand.


I think the thing that is challenging me the most is just getting the right materials and recording yourself talking i get nervous when i record myself because i think that i might do something wrong or that i sound weird in the tutorial video.


I think i learned a lot about making tutorial videos it might look easy but sometimes it can be really hard to make a tutorial video like because you have to get everything set up like getting the materials or or having to redo the recording because you said something wrong or doing the editing.

Design Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

In design we have been studying about tutorials and we made our own tutorial and researched tutorial videos in class and posted them in our blogs.i have learned the key things to make a good tutorial video.We also made a tutorial presentation and a tutorial research google doc.

The key thing:

1. Loud Voice

2.Not too complicated

3.Easy steps


I comment To these blogs Keita and Jaehyun

We should make tutorials because we can show people how to do new things and show them how to do it or you can do something old because some people dont no how to do it.Tutorials solve things that you don’t know how to do

I watched How to make a How to make a micro crossbow

Good thing about this video:

1.Its easy to understand

2.The steps are easy to follow

Bad things about the video:

1.He talks too fast that makes it hard to know what he is saying.

2.He used a knife and some kids can’t use knifes.

My topic is How to make a mini Crossbow I chose this topic because i thought it would be a fun little thing you could do if you are bored and have nothing else to do but its a little dangerous so if you make it don’t use it around people.

I am kind of nervous about making a tutorial.I want to learn how to edit videos next so if i make tutorials i can make it better by editing it.I enjoyed learning about tutorials and how to make it a good tutorial.

Creating the Solution Reflection

In design we have been making blog designs I have learned how to put a header and put a new theme and I have improved on making my blog look better.

Im kind of happy how my blog looks but i’m going to change it because it is just a theme I found in the blog and a header from the internet and it kind there of made it boring compared to other blogs were there more complexed.

Im am proud of how I figured out how to change the theme and put a header and i am proud of how I changed the cursor on my blog but I had a little help.

My small goal is to make my blog look better and I want to improve on making my blog look better and I want to get more into widgets. I enjoyed on drawing the blog design.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.46.09 AM

This is how my blog is now



Design Developing Ideas Reflection

In design we had three pieces of paper and we had to draw three different designs for our blog and then we had to chose one of them and use them to put them in our blogs.

I chose this blog theme because I like to listened to music and because its bright and colorful and it might attract people to come to my blog and also because my other people said it was good.This will represent me because if people like music they can come and check out my blog and see the theme.

I think I still need to learn where stuff is in the blog and get more used to it.I will learn this skills by asking friends and asking the teacher for help and the internet if there is no one to ask.

My small goal is to design my blog to look better and be able to do something quick and not ask people or look it up on the internet and learn how to make details to my blog to make it better.


Inquiring and Analysing Reflection

In design class we have been learning about blogs i’m am interested to learn about blogs because i have never used a blog before so far i have learned to post on a blog.

You need a blog because if you have a blog and you did something you’re happy of post on the blog and people can give you feedback.

I think the title,theme and spacing between paragraphs. A title makes a good blog because it has a name and it can tell what’s it about and a theme makes a good blog because it make the blog look nice and people will want to go to it and spacing between paragraphs make a good blog because if there is spacing it will look neat and people will not get confused.

I will make sure I use these 3 criterias because first the title is automatically put in the blog when you start the blog so thats done but you can edit it if you want to change it and for the theme I just need to do this one time or if I want change it again you need to go to your blog then press appearance and then go to themes and chews a theme and every time I do a post and make paragraphs and make sure to make spaces between each paragraph.

I want to improve on learning about my blog I want to learn on how to change the theme of the blog.I enjoyed on learning about blogs because I have never learnt or used a blog in my life.