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Reflections on DD

Designing our project was…It was interesting.

Reasons I liked working with my group Reasons I liked working with some of my partners were that we were well organized and cooperated well.

ATL skills that I used well ATL skills I used were organization, collaboration and communication skills.

Great moments along the way  The fails at trying to talk to people during the fire fair.

One thing I learned from another group That everyone in our group should do equal amounts of work.

Next time, I will communicate more with my team.

Something awesome that I contributed my poster layout form.


Mise En Train Chapter 5


  1. What is the relationship between the teenagers in Qu’est-ce qu’on prende?
  2. Where are they at the beginning of the story?
  3. Where do they decide to go?
  4. Who has trouble deciding what to order?
  5. What is the problem at the end of the story?


  1. The two are friends.
  2. They’re at one of their houses, Cholo
  3. A Cafe
  4. Chloé does.
  5. Chloé forgot her wallett

Activité 2: Mets en ordre

3.Chloé invite Sébastien à aller au café.

1.Cécile commande une menthe à l’eau.

2.Thomas demande l’addition.

6.Chloé commande un jus d’orange.

5.Le serveur dit «Bon appétit!».

4.Chloé ne retrouve pas son argent.

Activité 3: Les deux font la paire

Choisis la bonne réponse d’après Qu’est-ce qu’on prend?

2. Qu’est-ce que vous prenez? 1. On va au café?
c. Désolé. J’ai des devoirs à faire.

b. Je vais prendre une menthe à l’eau.

3. C’est combien, les coupes Melba?
d. Trois trente-cinq.

4. Qu’est-ce que vous avez comme jus de fruit?
a. Nous avons du jus d’orange, du jus de pomme…

Cherche les expressions

Look back at Qu’est-ce qu’on prend? What do the students say to …

1. give an excuse for someone?
Il a des devoirs à faire.

2. ask if someone’s ready to order?
Vous avez choisir?

3. order food?
Je vais prendre…

4. ask what kind of fruit juice the restaurant serves?
Qu’est-ce que vous avez comme jus de fruit?

5. ask how much something costs?
C’est combien,… ?

6. ask for the check?
L’addition, s’il vous plaît.

Activité 5: Et maintenant, à toi

Chloé is in an embarrassing situation. What do you think she is going to do? Take turns with a partner suggesting ways Chloé and her friends might resolve their problem.

1: Ask someone else in the café if they could loan them some money.

2: As Chloé’s friends stay in the café, she can quickly go back home and get her wallet.

Music Unit 1 – Melody – Part 2

This is the second part of music melody
and in this post I have to tell what I have improved on, In this new video I think I improved from the last one because in this one I am using both of my hands but in my last post I had two different videos with using my Left hand and right hand one at a time.

Music Unit 1 – Melody – Part 1

In music class we had to choose a piece of music and perform it my piece was “Ode to Joy”  By Beethoven

I practiced this piece of music by first using my right hand only then when i got good with that hand i would use my left hand only then when i was good with both of them i would use them together.




My subject is koki hattori ( his blog ) i got influenced by a style of painting called pixel art. i did not really express anything from koki i just thought it wold be funny but i think that it did turn out funny.

i  used some warm colours and some light colours for the clothes i mostly used red and white and a little bit of yellow and brown i mixed colours together to get the brown and i did slow brushes so i would not go out of the lines and so it will not look messy.

I expressed that koki is in YIS by putting him in the playground with the basketball net but i could also show that he is in YIS by making him wear the school P.E t-shirts with the teams on them.

I think that it does not mater if the audience or the painter have different  Apennines if they do i think they are both right because then they both have active imaginations   






French Homework the French magazine they are asking what activities you like and the ones you like they are asking you to send a message and a photo and when she gets responds she will see them and see if they are similar.

2.There are lots of cognates like télévision witch is a television,animaux witch is animal, réponse witch is response,musique witch is music and lettres witch is letters

3.I think Petites Annonces means Announcements.

4.Hugues Vallet

5.Mireille Lacombe
Laurence Simon
Amélie Perrin
Laurence Simon
Didier Kouassi
Karim MarzoukMireille Lacombe
Laurence Simon
Amélie Perrin
Laurence Simon
Didier Kouassi
Karim Marzouk

6.First name, last name, age, address, photo of you.

7.Jai douze ans, et j’aime bien le basketball. avec des filles et des garçons de 10 ans – 13 ans. J’aime aussi le ski.

Humanities (Minecraft Biome Project)

In the jungle the trees there are tall with vines on them with bushes on the ground and it gets really humid and it rains a lot thats way it is also known as a rainforest and there are animals in the jungle there are snakes,crocodiles and insects like butterflies, beetles and mosquitos.

If you lived in a jungle most of the houses are tree houses on top of the trees or on the ground but they would have stilts on the bottom of them to keep animals and water away from the house.

Some jungles are found in:


Places in india


Parts of Africa

The Bottom of mexico     

Here are some pictures of houses in the jungle:

architecture-hotel-amazing-traditional-tree-house-hotel-with-natural-wood-staircase-also-breathataking-teak-wood-panels-exterior-wall-and-appealing-dry-leafs-roofing-at-natural-jungle-big-trees-aroun 17 Kenyah longhouse

I think using minecraft for this project is good because it easy fun to use and it is good to use for building creations i think next time we do a something using this kind of stuff we should use minecraft.

Heres a mini tour and some pictures of my treehouse:

2015-01-19_09.57.30 2015-01-19_09.59.19

My Favourite Tutorial:Assassin’s Micro Crossbow

This is my favourite tutorial because in the beginning he shows you how it should look like and he showed what you need to make it and he used household items which are easy to get and he put in the description a thing you can print and then use it to make the sticks right size and he does not go to fast and his voice is very clear.

I don’t really like this tutorial because he speeds the video really fast which makes it really hard to catch up with and in does not talk clearly i think he edit it to sound like a robot.but i like how he uses really simple things to make it and it is very easy to make.