I Believe Oral Presentation

In English, we had a test about what we believed in. I believed that children and adults should respect their parents once we finished that we had to make a speech and  a presentation about it and perform it in class. But I got too nervous to present the speech to class but Ms.Clifford my English teacher said to me that I could record myself doing the speech at home. In my speech, I think that I spoke clearly was good because you could hear my voice loud and clearly. I think my use of pauses was good because when there were full stops I would pause for a little bit then if I moved to a new paragraph I would take a pause.


(Video Of The Speech Goes Here)


My subject is koki hattori ( his blog ) i got influenced by a style of painting called pixel art. i did not really express anything from koki i just thought it wold be funny but i think that it did turn out funny.

i  used some warm colours and some light colours for the clothes i mostly used red and white and a little bit of yellow and brown i mixed colours together to get the brown and i did slow brushes so i would not go out of the lines and so it will not look messy.

I expressed that koki is in YIS by putting him in the playground with the basketball net but i could also show that he is in YIS by making him wear the school P.E t-shirts with the teams on them.

I think that it does not mater if the audience or the painter have different  Apennines if they do i think they are both right because then they both have active imaginations   






French Homework

1.in the French magazine they are asking what activities you like and the ones you like they are asking you to send a message and a photo and when she gets responds she will see them and see if they are similar.

2.There are lots of cognates like télévision witch is a television,animaux witch is animal, réponse witch is response,musique witch is music and lettres witch is letters

3.I think Petites Annonces means Announcements.

4.Hugues Vallet

5.Mireille Lacombe
Laurence Simon
Amélie Perrin
Laurence Simon
Didier Kouassi
Karim MarzoukMireille Lacombe
Laurence Simon
Amélie Perrin
Laurence Simon
Didier Kouassi
Karim Marzouk

6.First name, last name, age, address, photo of you.

7.Jai douze ans, et j’aime bien le basketball. avec des filles et des garçons de 10 ans – 13 ans. J’aime aussi le ski.

Humanities (Minecraft Biome Project)

In the jungle the trees there are tall with vines on them with bushes on the ground and it gets really humid and it rains a lot thats way it is also known as a rainforest and there are animals in the jungle there are snakes,crocodiles and insects like butterflies, beetles and mosquitos.

If you lived in a jungle most of the houses are tree houses on top of the trees or on the ground but they would have stilts on the bottom of them to keep animals and water away from the house.

Some jungles are found in:


Places in india


Parts of Africa

The Bottom of mexico     

Here are some pictures of houses in the jungle:

architecture-hotel-amazing-traditional-tree-house-hotel-with-natural-wood-staircase-also-breathataking-teak-wood-panels-exterior-wall-and-appealing-dry-leafs-roofing-at-natural-jungle-big-trees-aroun 17 Kenyah longhouse

I think using minecraft for this project is good because it easy fun to use and it is good to use for building creations i think next time we do a something using this kind of stuff we should use minecraft.

Heres a mini tour and some pictures of my treehouse:

2015-01-19_09.57.30 2015-01-19_09.59.19

Design Tutorial Video And Survey


In Design Class We Have Finally Finished Our Tutorial Video and We also Have a Survey For the tutorial so when you watch the video you can do the Survey About the tutorial and add Suggestions to make it better so next time we do a tutorial video we can use your suggestions to make the tutorial video better.

My design specifications were to have transitions, Music, Subtitles and Voice Over. I did not really add all these specifications for voice over i did not know how to do and with subtitles i did not think i needed them for the video.


In my tutorial video i changed some things that were in the storyboard so for example in my storyboard it says for the transitions that it is the same thing for every transition but for my video i added some different transitions to the tutorial video so it would not be boring and be the same thing over and over again.


I watched Three Tutorials and i have learned things from them that i could use it to make my tutorial video better:

Jaehyun’s Video:I liked how he fast forwarded the mixing part so everyone could see how he did it so it would be more easy to follow.

Awaize’s Video:I like how he put music in the background but it was not to loud and his voice was loud enough to hear.

Kai’s Video:I like how he made the apple detailed but easy to draw and he makes the steps clear and easy to understand.


I think the thing that is challenging me the most is just getting the right materials and recording yourself talking i get nervous when i record myself because i think that i might do something wrong or that i sound weird in the tutorial video.


I think i learned a lot about making tutorial videos it might look easy but sometimes it can be really hard to make a tutorial video like because you have to get everything set up like getting the materials or or having to redo the recording because you said something wrong or doing the editing.

Design Inquiring and Analyzing Reflection

In design we have been studying about tutorials and we made our own tutorial and researched tutorial videos in class and posted them in our blogs.i have learned the key things to make a good tutorial video.We also made a tutorial presentation and a tutorial research google doc.

The key thing:

1. Loud Voice

2.Not too complicated

3.Easy steps


I comment To these blogs Keita and Jaehyun

We should make tutorials because we can show people how to do new things and show them how to do it or you can do something old because some people dont no how to do it.Tutorials solve things that you don’t know how to do

I watched How to make a How to make a micro crossbow

Good thing about this video:

1.Its easy to understand

2.The steps are easy to follow

Bad things about the video:

1.He talks too fast that makes it hard to know what he is saying.

2.He used a knife and some kids can’t use knifes.

My topic is How to make a mini Crossbow I chose this topic because i thought it would be a fun little thing you could do if you are bored and have nothing else to do but its a little dangerous so if you make it don’t use it around people.

I am kind of nervous about making a tutorial.I want to learn how to edit videos next so if i make tutorials i can make it better by editing it.I enjoyed learning about tutorials and how to make it a good tutorial.

My Favourite Tutorial:Assassin’s Micro Crossbow

This is my favourite tutorial because in the beginning he shows you how it should look like and he showed what you need to make it and he used household items which are easy to get and he put in the description a thing you can print and then use it to make the sticks right size and he does not go to fast and his voice is very clear.

I don’t really like this tutorial because he speeds the video really fast which makes it really hard to catch up with and in does not talk clearly i think he edit it to sound like a robot.but i like how he uses really simple things to make it and it is very easy to make.

How was Field Studies? (Da Bus Ride)

In field studies we first got in the bus the bus ride was long it was about more then 4 hours but it was not that bad because i got to talk to people and i got to play Pokemon on my iPhone.Lukus showed me how to get it on my iPhone after a while the bus stopped everyone went out and bought something to eat most of us went to Starbucks and got something to eat or drink and after we ate we all went back into the bus I played some more Pokemon on my phone and then we had another stop when we got there brady was the first one to get out and the first thing he did was go and find starbucks it was like he could smell starbuck and after we just went bcd to the bus and got to the evergreen camp.


This is a photo of Lukus and Noa playing pokemon
on there iPhone.

After the bus ride

TIPS & TRICKS (How to change your blog curser)

If you did not under stand the video here is some instructions you first need to go to the website called http://www.cursors-4u.com you can find different cursors then when you chose one you scroll down to the HTML code you copy the code then go to your blog and go to appearance and go to widgets and drag the text widget and then paste it in the text widget and then press save and then when you go to you blog the cursor will be the one you chose.