This is about me!

Hello viewers!

I bet you don’t know me so ill tell some stuff about me.

My name is Connor and I am 11 years old I’m from Canada and the Philippines but I was born in Singapore. my moms from Philippines and my dads from Canada I have 1 brother and 1 sister my brother is 19 and he is in Canada in university and my sister is 18 she is still in high school and I have a dog named chewy she is a Labrador (golden). I like to play sports and video games I mostly play video games on my iPhone or xbox and sometime on the computer I don’t really play on the computer because I don’t really have a good computer to play on.I am planing on making a youtube channel because some of my other friends are also planing on making one too. its going to be about mobile games and sometimes computer. this is my channel so far :). I like to play different kinds of sports too I like to play soccer(football),basketball and I like swimming.


This is me and my brother and sister and my dog when we were younger in our old house in Oman.




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  1. Sofia Online

    Hi Connor,
    My name is Sofia. I come from Canada too! I would love to hae a dog like yours, it is so cute. But, i have other animals to take care of. My younger siblings. I have a 10 year old sister, her name is Katelyn. I have another younger sister, here name is Amelia. I have a younger brother, his name is Felix. They are real animals sometimes. I like to to some stories, any kind. When i have free time, i jump on my computer and write a short story. I love to play soccer too!! I play striker, how about you????? I also play midfield. Soccer is one of my favorite sports!!! Anyways, here is my blog address, if you are interested:
    Visit anytime!

    Sofia 😉

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