Art Motifs Printmaking Critique

In art, we (grade 6) have been working on our motifs printmaking, where we chose a motif, carved it, and printed it. Here is my end-of-the unit art critique.

At first, when choosing my motif, my idea was to use a traditional Japanese motif which consisted of numerous semi-circles. However, my idea changed when I got a piece of advice from my friend Alec who was already progressing rapidly in his cool design. He had insisted that circular designs were a bit harder when carving compared to shapes with sides and corners. As a designer, I tried to create a pattern which uses the formation 3-2-3. (The bottom row consists of three of the motifs, the row on top consists of two motifs, and the row on top consists of three motifs.) When combined all together, it would produce a 9-6-9 formation. When creating my motif, I purposely repeated the two curvy lines coming out from the motif so as to create symmetry. When choosing which colors to use during my printing, I decided to use colors that were mostly contrasting each other.

During this process, I think that I did well on the fact that I only had three art classes and (8?) open art studios to finish this entire project. Moreover, my final outcome seemed to be better than what I predicted it would be like at the start. However, now that I think of it, when carving, I was rushing a bit. Thus, some of my motifs were cut on the surface. Overall, I am satisfied with my final outcome: there is definitely room for improvement, but with the limited time I had, I am satisfied with the result. Most importantly, I very much enjoyed this unit even though I missed most of it. :'(

My artwork was influenced by many aspects of the world. First of all, you may be wondering, why would he choose to make a French motif when he’s Japanese and Brazilian? Well, I was born in Grenoble, France, and I have enjoyed staying there. While in France during my summer vacation two summers ago, (two summers ago? Is that how you say it?) I saw many interesting motifs and many have stayed in my mind since then. When choosing motifs for this unit, those motifs in my mind took action. That was what made my final decision: I thought: “Aha! That’s what I’m going to do!”. This was my inspiration for my artwork.

Dear next year’s grade 6 students, here are some pieces of advice that I would explain based on my experience.

1. Do NOT rush your work and if you need time, go to open art studio even if you want to play outside. (Or go there early in the morning, and then make time to play)

2. Go to open art studio really often- you can win a prize!

3. Make a good plan. The plan is really important, it’s what counts.

4. Don’t rush while carving, take your time and be patient.

5. Enjoy! It’s an awesome unit.

6. I’m not giving you any more tips, now go have fun!



Here is my final Product:



Art Final Product Printmaking Landscape


Art Final Product Printmaking Portrait



Art Plan (Sorry, it’s hard to see) Sketched Plan




plan (My sketched motif)



carving My carving (sorry, it’s hard to see)



Project Finished.

Andre, 22/4/15

Civilizations Project Reflection (a.k.a. The BIG Mama Project)

For humanities, we have just finished our BIG mama project, also known as the civilizations project. Since I wasn’t here for most of the unit, I was only able to write a small, unhelpful reflection.


1. What did you learn about civilizations?

Since I wasn’t here for most of this unit, I cannot really state what I have learnt in this unit. However, based on my knowledge, I know that civilizations:

  • Need basic water supplies
  • There is always one (or more) rulers of the civilization
  • Civilizations mostly have social class structures, different religions, currency, and other basic structures.

2. What did you learn about doing BIG Projects?

Again, I can’t really state this, except for my knowledge. I have, actually, had many experiences about managing BIG projects. BIG Projects are important, and they cannot be messed up. Therefore, big projects are important, and they must contain lots of information which should be clear for the reader to read, presumably organized in categories.

3. What are you proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that I made a lot of progress in what, three classes? Despite having a very limited amount of time, I managed to cover most parts of my civilization. Other than that, I don’t think I could assess myself on anything else.


Link to the lost Antaros: Link to website


Speaking of ancient civilizations, here is a pun from the Ancient Egyptians:


How did brave Egyptians write?

In hero-glyphics (hieroglyphics)!



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Photo 29-12-13 1 41 40 pm




ATP Masters Series: Monte Carlo Rolex Masters - Day Four17 Time Grand Slam Titlist, 8 Carrer Titlist, World #2, Roger Federer



Maria Sharapova5 Time Grand Slam Titlist, 38 Career Titlist, World #2, Maria Sharapova


千葉ロッテマリーンズChiba Lotte Marines


Paris Saint-Germain



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Maria Sharapova

Roger Federer


















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Drama Improvisation Tournament

In drama, we performed an improvisation tournament, where a tournament was held with the following ‘Improvisation-skills’ games:

– Space Jump

-Double Expert Figures (DEF)

-Die Story Die

-(I forgot this last one 🙁 )


How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

– I used offer and acceptance in this improvisation, for Alec and Ben were constructing the story, (offering) and Eddie and I were following what they said using our hands. (accepting) At the same time, sometimes Eddie and I lead while Alec and Ben followed what the hands (our hands) were doing.

In what ways could I improve my performance?

-I could have improved our performance by increasingly acting in role, for sometimes the actions that I performed were out of character, more like a boy, while the role that was supposed to be performed was a girl.

How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

-This game focuses on improvisation. (That was the whole unit!) Thus, this game provides skills for drama performances when ideas created ‘on the spot’ must be performed.

Rate yourself out of 8, be honest!

-Honestly, I would rate myself a 6, for I think we did well in this performance. However, there were many areas of improvement, also I may have laughed a bit during the performance.

This was a brief overview of the Q&A for our Drama Reflection. In addition, this is what we have been doing in class.





Here is our group’s performance: (via Vimeo)