I&S Industrial Revolution Change

I&S Before Industrial Revolution Before Map

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I think that the Industrial Revolution has had both positive and negative outcomes, however, overall, a positive effect. The Industrial Revolution has provided us with lots of record-breaking inventions, from railroads to electricity. Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, mankind has progressed to a completely new revolution. This time period has brought many advantages, and without them, we would not be living this efficiently right now. Some of these improvements include faster production, increased job opportunities, revolutionary inventions, and more socialism. This era during 1760~1840 has helped humanity create more productions in lesser amounts of time, leading to financial and economic growth. Thanks to the invention of machines and systems, mankind has successfully been able to achieve mass production in small amounts of time. With the Industrial Revolution taking place, many factories were invented, which included countless amounts of machines. These machines reduced the time and labor that was involved in creating the things that people needed daily, which allowed people to use their time in creating other products and/or performing more jobs/tasks. Furthermore, with more and more new factories showing up here and there, more people were needed to operate and manage the machinery.  This has helped many to receive stable jobs with fixed wages, which must undoubtedly have boosted their lifestyles, with more money to spend on healthcare, sanitation, nutrition, and education. In addition, mind-blowing inventions and innovations have helped the world to advance in many areas: technological, pharmaceutical, financial, economic, and even cultural improvements! Moreover, with the confidence of countless inventions, civilians were motivated to educate one another and share ideas globally, which has, in effect, provided us with even more inventions! These inventions changed the way we communicate, transport, and live… even now! With the invention of the telegram, people were able to communicate without directly meeting each other. This invention has helped create the telephone, which we still use today! The invention of the railroad/ steam engines has helped us travel from one place to another in shorter durations of time, allowing us to be more productive and achieve more goals. However, there were also some disadvantages, such as pollution, overpopulation, and higher death rates. With the sudden increase in factories, more and more toxic waste was produced, harming the atmosphere in both short-term and long-term impacts. Smog and water pollution has created deformed effects on certain plants and humans. Even now, primarily because of the Industrial Revolution, Global Warming is still existing. With a faster pace, more and more humans increased, which has given us the advantage of more workforce, however, this has lead to higher crime rates and more pollution as a whole. Death rates increased, as populations were living closer to each other, spreading diseases faster. Thus, the Industrial Revolution has brought us many advantages, consisting of faster production, increased job opportunities, and revolutionary inventions, while also causing pollution, overpopulation, and higher death rates. As a whole, however this time period has been a success. Without this event, we would never have been creating such effective inventions and lifestyles. I would not be writing this paragraph right now either! (*I would not be writing this paragraph **right** now- haha get the joke?)




Drama Silent Chaplin Analysis


Charlie Chaplin uses many hand gestures in this short silent clip. Some of these gestures include the fact that he is fanning himself with his hat. This indicates the heat and weather of the atmosphere. In addition, he creates a fist with his hand which shows that he is trying to encourage the woman to believe in herself, and keep persevering. Furthermore, at the end, he uses his finger to lift his mouth, and represent a smile.

The woman has used her arm to cover her facial expression, which is full of misery and depression. Furthermore, she sighs at times, which shows the fact that she is tired/hopeless/depressed.

Facial Expressions:

Chaplin starts off as a happy man, but as he sees the woman sobbing, he feels sorry for her and tries advising her. He starts to become worried, and towards the end, he manages to crack a smile for the woman.

The woman is in a depressing mood, and ins constantly looking down. At first, she feels hopeless. However, after Chaplin’s advice, she gains more confidence and feels more motivated to change. At the end, she smiles.


Charlie Chaplin starts off with his back straight, full of energy, but when he sees his accomplice feeling depressed, he hunches his back too, to show that he cares for her.

The woman is very sad, therefore, she is hunched up and covers her face. On the other hand, after Chaplin has helped her gain confidence, the two are walking in very straight postures at the end.

I could use many of these actions, gestures, and facial expressions, as they will help me to grasp the audiences’ attention, and give a clearer understanding for they may be recognisable, everyday gestures that are familiar and common.

Background Story:

I think that the man is a very close friend for the woman, and that she is very depressed bceause of some problems in her life. I’m thinking that they both left home and went on a journey to gain some privacy and inspiration. The man (Charlie Chaplin) tries helping and motivating the woman to move on form her problems