Drâmå Spëëch Rêflèctión

In Drama, we have been learning about speeches and how to deliver them, how to speak with confidence, and the structure of a speech. I chose the topic of Aliens.

In our speech, we had to take into account 3 major elements: modulation (volume, pitch, pace, pause, projection, emphasis and inflection), physicality (posture, gesture, facial expression; use of palm card), and content (structure, information, relevance to topic, informative language and tone).

I think that I kept a steady pace throughout my speech, however, I think that I was speaking rapidly, because I was nervous, which caused me to stutter on my own words and cause a bit of confusion. Looking back, I used a range of pitch and volume. I used loud volumes when I wanted to emphasise certain points. In addition, I used inflection whenever I asked questions. However, I think that I could have exaggerated on my inflection to really hook the audience’s attention a bit more. In terms of pauses, I think that I could have created longer pauses. I was very nervous, and did not want to create any awkward pauses. But doing this was in fact, meant to be a good thing. That was one of my lessons learnt.

In terms of my phsicality, I think that I kept a straight posture throughout my entire speech, with frequent steps to cover the stage space effectively. Moreover, the use of my facial expressions could have again, been more exaggerated to create bigger effects. I used gestures to some extenet, however some of them were very big, while others were very small. I’m assuming that using smaller gestures would have been better, as the audience may concentrate on my gestures instead of my actual speech if the gestures are too big and distracting. Finally, I regret not using more palm cards. Since I had many points, I had used both sides of each palm card. This confused me on the stage, and it led to me completely forgetting to announce a whole section of my points. I should use more palm cards next time.

Finally, I think that I perfored well in this area, as I spent some time researching on this topic and watching documentaries and videos (not to mention that I got completely scared when I watched these videos at night) In terms of structure, I think that I used a logical order and pattern: defintion, examples, and quotations/evidence. However, I completely forgot that my speech was meant to be an informative one, therefore, I had lots of opinions in it, which must’ve seriously affected my grades. I’ll make sure I read the TSCs more clearly before I start each assignment next time.

Overall, I think that my speech was well-delivered, except I could improve on some major factors such as the use of my palm cards and reading the TSC more clearly.

I think that Risa’s speech was well-delivered, such as the use of eye contact with the audience: she really looks around the audience to grasp their attention. Furtheromre, Risa recovered well after she dropped her palm cards, which I think was very smooth, and her use of pictures was a really creative and smart idea. I should’ve done taht too :O

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