Drama Folktale: “THe Dreaming Tree”

“The Dreaming Tree” is a Brazilian folktale about bullying.

Major plot points:

  • There once was a boy called Uaica who loved and lived with his grandfather. He was teased and bullied at school.
  • Once day when he got teased a lot, he stumbled on a branch and entered the dreaming tree, an enormous tree where lots of animals were sleeping.
  • Uaica fell asleep, and there, Sinaa, the Jaguar Man who had healing powers and eyes on the back of his head told tales and shared his secrets.
  • For days Uaica came to this tree to learn a new secret, and his grandfather was starting to get worried, so Sinaa told Uaica to never return to this place, and if he did he might never leave again. Uaica took his advice deeply.
  • When Uaica told his gradnfather about this tree, his grandfather fell asleep at the tree, and told Uaica to never tell anyone of this tree because it could harm their enviornment
  • When people got sick in the village, Uaica used his powers that Sinaa had given him and healed the villagers.
  • Sinaa told Uaica that he had done a good job obeying his command and that he had shown generosity to all, even his enemies.
  • Sinaa told Uaica more secrets and Uaica learnt to make more things out of simple material.
  • ONe day an evil woman and some citizens decided to steal some of Uaica’s treasures to obtain some power. BUt Uaica had the power to sense thigns and see beyond the ordinary so he knew they were there.
  • Uaica got mad and vanished beneath a rock.


Moral: Be generous to all, even your enemies

FOlktale: http://www.uexpress.com/tell-me-a-story/2007/4/8/the-dreaming-tree-a-folktale-from

DIY Drama Reflection


In this project, I think that there were some factors that Theo and I performed very well and some that we could have improved on.

To start off, I think that we engaged with the audience effectively. We kept presenting and the audience was not bored or distracted. I was able to show case by case how I showed the method in an interesting, effective way. Our audience were people about are age, middle schoolers. I would make sure to not with hard terms, however casual, understandable words that would be effective when instructing. I personally think that there could have been some major improvements here, such as making the contents in advance so that it would not make the audience sleep, especially when it took time to mix some materials together.

Secondly, in terms of materials and resources, I think that we could have improved on some factors. Although we managed to lay out the materials in a neat, understandable way, we forgot to list all necessary materials at the start of our DIY. That made it hard for the audience to follow. The materials were also easy for us to use since we played them out so that we could just grab them without having to open things and look for things, we were able to create an organised workspace.

For the third factor, on how we presented the show and its content. I think that I presented the method to the audience in an effective way, especially the fact that I was constantly showing what I was doing, as the pot was deep and so the audience could not see what I was doing. In terms of content, I think that we had a simple method, although some parts could have been changed in terms of chronological sequence. Furthermore, I realised that we forgot to state our facts and trivia throughout the performance; however we used a couple of tips and hints. All in all, I think that this was a fun project and I really enjoyed this unit.

Another DIY TV show from my class that I enjoyed was the show that Koki and Senan made