Spanish Goals ’16~’17

I have multiple goals for the subject of Spanish this year. [SMART Goals]

  1. Firstly, I would like to practice my conjugations for (most) verbs ending in -AR, -IR, and -ER. I will achieve this by learning and practicing the conjugations of 2 new verbs every day of the week for a month. This will help me to learn approximately 60 new verb conjugations every month. Since I have a Spanish dictionary at home, I will use this as a resource to help me choose my verbs that I will be studying. At the end of each month, I will write some sentences using the conjugated form of the verbs that I have learned.
  2. Furthermore, I want to practice my reading skills which will undoubtedly expand my vocabulary and show me multiple sentence structures. I plan on reading short excerpts or texts in Spanish once a week. I will either borrow these books from the library, browse some from home, or even read online PDFs or texts. I will keep a list of the books/texts that I have read each month. (Like a reading log)
  3. Lastly, I will practice my oral skills, increase my vocabulary, and improve on sentence fluency by speaking in Spanish with my ¬†friends or with my dad as he can speak Spanish fluently. Everyday I will have (or attempt) a conversation with my friends for 10 minutes. This will help me (and my friends) to share some vocabulary terms that we didn’t know and share new expressions.