Grade 8 Showcase Portfolio


Research Skills:

I demonstrated research skills in the subject of science. In the class of science, I was able to successfully gather a series of information from multiple sources in order to provide accurate facts and figures for my assignments. In addition, I have learnt how to improved my use of keywords, which has helped me to narrow down search results and access relevant answers.

Social Skills:

Social skills are abilities that I have demonstrated in most subjects. I believe that I have shown these skills most effectively in the classes of music and physical education (PE).


In music, my group and I have worked on constructing a song from scratch. I have consistently collaborated with my group members in order to create different roles for different instruments to play. I have discussed and actively engaged in conversations which has helped to improve and make changes to the final piece.
In PE, I have interacted with classmates in order to discuss strategies and tactics to help win games as a team. Furthermore, I have communicated with my teammates on the handball court to give advice and help. In addition, I have worked with my teammates to use the attacking/defensive principles of play in matches.


I have shown the communication skill in drama, english, and art.


In drama, I have communicated not just verbally but also throughout the use of facial expressions and body language. Moreover, I used the elements of drama in order to convey a simple message or a story in unit 1. In unit 2, I used my body stance and positioning to show my character for the Commedia d’ell arte.


For english, I have effectively shown communication skills throughout my writing samples. I have conveyed a story in my creative writing prompt and analysed the message and symbols in the novel “Skellig” by David Almond in unit 1.
I was able to communicate my personal interests and tastes in art throughout the construction of multiple pots. I created a coil pot and a pinch pot and designed them according to my interests and hobbies.


I showed a variety of thinking skills in the subjects of design and individuals and societies.


In design, I demonstrated both creative thinking skills and critical thinking skills. I used creative thinking skills when I was generating ideas for my animation, while I used critical thinking skills to analyse whether these ideas would be realistic and/or easy to make.
For Individuals & Societies, I used critical thinking skills in order to analyse and compare the development of different nations and the impacts of each nation during the data for development unit. I transferred my previous knowledge to make connections and bonds between information from unit 1 to unit 2.


In the subject of Spanish, I think that I am performing a good job of self-management. I have been able to stay on top of my homework and manage all of my papers in my binder. I have found the time to study new words and revise the phrases/expressions that I learnt in class.
However, I still need to improve on my self-management skills for math. Although I have been able to complete my homework on time, I still need to find time to revise and study my notes so that I can feel more confident during tests.



My Goals

Goal 1 For next semester, I would like to start being more productive and organised by prioritizing my homework. I will check the due date for each homework assignment and start on the assignment that has the closest due date, which will help me to finish the task on time.
Goal 2 I would like to manage my time and use it effectively next semester. I have not been achieving the grades that I have wanted this semester due to amounts of homework and assignments. By spending time on revising, practicing, and looking over my notes, I will be able to score better on my tests and assessments.
Goal 3 Finally, I would like to take neater notes. Since some of my notes were disorganised and untidy this semester, I was not able to read my own notes and lost key information as a result. Thus, I would like to focus on creating organised, neat notes for next semester in order to be successful when I revise my notes.