Unit 3 Spanish Reflection

In the third unit of Spanish this year, I think that I learned a lot on the topic of travel and vacations. I gained new knowledge of vocabulary, expressions, and verb conjugations.


1. What are 7 ways what you learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie of your choice?

My learning in Spanish is like the James Bond Movies.

  • Learning Spanish vocabulary is as fast as James Bond’s Aston Martins
  • I learn new expressions that are deadly like his guns
  • I can conjugate verbs that are irregular like the mysteries in the movie
  • The preterite is something that happened in the past like James Bond movies
  • There are many Spanish speaking countries just like there are many James Bond movies
  • Dialogue in Spanish is fast-paced like the movie
  • Command terms must be conjugated differently just like how James Bond sees the world in a different way

3. How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

The things that I have learned in Spanish are relevant to other subjects in multiple ways. For instance, I have learned about the preterite conjugation in Spanish, which can be applied to any subject in order to have correct grammar and inform the reader of the time and place context that the text is in. Furthermore,  the fact that we learned about Spanish-speaking countries can be tied into the subject of I&S, to show or understand why certain countries speak French, especially because of colonization reasons.

7. Write down key words from your learning. Arrange them into a poem. (freestyle bars?)

Learning about travel and Spanish-speaking countries

This is all apart of my Spanish-learning studies

Preterite, irregular, and command verb conjugations

Should be all easy because they’re learning expectations

Hotel and travel plans, souvenirs and shopping

I’ll talk ’bout all of these in my new track that I’m dropping

Expresiones Del Pasado como la semana pasado

Signify the events that happened sometime ago

Frecuencia y Secuencia

Show how often something happened

Just like the times that you can hear me for thinkin’ I’m rappin’

9. Make a wordle or mind map of your learning.



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