Phase 2 SPanish Reflection

Throughout have improved on my Spanish skills through multiple aspects. The most important elements that helped me to develop were the activities and exercises this year.

To start off, I am most proud of the success that I have achieved this year. This success includes my ability to speak and comprehends the Spanish language throughout written, listening, and reading exercises. I think that the conjugation helped me the most since it was very similar to that of the French language, which helped me to progress rapidly.

I will consider myself as a Spanish speaker. Although I may have started taking the Spanish program this year, I am now able to hold basic conversations in the language, and I am now able to understand things that are written and said in Spanish.

If I could restart this year again I would organize my notes a lot more clearly and spend the time a lot more carefully. When looking back at my notes, I have found that my handwriting was messy, and all of my understandings were on different pages.

I think that I have a lot of places to improve to be able to enter phase 3. Below is  the list of things I should be able to do until next year:

  1. Conjugation: Although I am confident in terms of the past, present, and future tenses, I still have to improve on my imperative conjugations because I am a bit unsure. In addition, I have to work on special verbs (unusual verbs- I forgot what they were called rn oops)
  2. Expressions: Since I have learned a lot of new expressions this year, I would like to further apply these into my learning or when I am writing or speaking to allow people to understand what I am saying easily.
  3. Accents: I would like to have a better understanding of where my accents are, and how to emphasize certain accents to pronounce my words easily.

Thus, I had lots of fun in Spanish class with Ms.HIll this year. I have learned a lot of things, and I look forward to learning more next year.

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