GCD- Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Over the previous years, I have helped prepare meals for the homeless people in Ishikawacho as part of a service activity. With more than 800 meals being prepared, homelessness and hunger is a genuine issue in the community.


In order to act upon this issue, I have participated in the Chiku Service group as I considered this the most ‘direct’ and hands-on way to tackle the issue. Rather than raising awareness or advocating the issue, I wanted to do something that would have a direct impact, hence I chose to volunteer in this service activity.


Whether it was during the morning sessions or the lunch sessions, I felt that I was always able to create a positive impact both for myself and the community there. During the sessions, I found that there was often a shortage in volunteers and thus I had to help according to the situation. Thus, sometimes I would be helping to distribute the meals, but when I realized that other processes were not running efficiently, I would switch and help out in those necessary areas. Although this was a challenge in the sense that I had to constantly be aware of my surroundings and monitor other processes as well, I enjoyed these experiences as I was able to interact with others and learn more about them.


Although I had to wake up early for some mornings or miss class during other times, I felt that this volunteering experience was a crucial experience for me. Overall, I think that I was involved in this activity for 5 sessions, and it was a really beneficial activity for both me and the community around me.

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