Grade 7 Portfolio






Communication skills include not only the oral communication, however it includes visual representations as well. I feel that I strongly excelled in this area of knowledge during Math, ENglish, and Music.


This semester, I have shown many deep calculations and equations in mathematics, resulting to a high degree of precision and overall structure. This piece that I have attached shows my understanding of Pythagorean Triples, along with multiple equations and diagrams to show my thinking. In this piece, as you can see, my next step is to draw *neat and clear diagrams. I learnt to use square roots, factors, and expressions regarding the topic of Pythagorean Triples. With this next step, I will be able to achieve the maximum intention. As a learner, this work inspires me to keep progressing further, as when I improve on my goals, I will be able to reach the maximum intention.


In English, I have communicated effectively throughout both visual and oral presentations. My works range through creative writing to empathetic discussion with a partner. I think that I communicated very effectively in my creative writing, where I had to write in the shoes of a black boy during the Apartheid. I really felt as though I was speaking up for him, taking in the surroundings and thoughts. My next step to improve would be to double check for any sentence fragments, as I switched tenses frequently. I learnt to use the technique of ‘snapshotting’, using verbs and adjectives to create a vivid image of the situation throughout my writing. As a learner, this piece inspires me to learn new vocabulary, therefore, allowing me to create a better snapshot of the situation.


During the course of music, I have represented communication skills frequently; not orally or visually, however through an instrument. I have communicated effectively the piece known as “Viola Country”, and my uses of dynamics and intonation really show the feelings and thoughts of the song. My next step to improve, however, is to practice more in amounts and frequency, therefore producing better harmony with the other instruments. In this piece, I learnt to use many techniques, such as slurs, hooks, accents, and long bowing: this really changes the mood of the song. As a learner, this work inspires me to play with confidence during the final presentation, as I have practice hard.
I have also represented communication skills effectively in another method; French. I have demonstrated my ability to speak clearly and (mostly) fluently in French, resulting to multiple exchanges of conversations. My next step to improve would be to read more books and practice speaking in the correct tenses quicker, as I am able to write in the correct tense with ease, however it is hard for me to speak fluently in the correct tenses clearly and smoothly. As a learner, this work inspires me to think before speaking. I would like to plan everything out in my head before speaking, which will enhance maximum understanding in conversations.



I would like to improve my organization skills for science. I have submitted most of my work, however, some were not, therefore resulting as an ‘incomplete’ or ‘not turned in’. Thus, for next semester, I would like  to improve on my organization skills for Science, which may results in a higher degree of work. I included this piece of work, as it contains all of the required elements of my work. I learnt to identify the different areas and parts of the eye in this piece, which I am now capable of doing. My next step would be to keep all of my work organized into my science folder via. google drive. This work inspires me to visually represent diagrams and label things for better understanding.


Critical Thinking:



I think that I have used critical thinking effectively and frequently during the subject of Japanese. At first, I did not realize/understand how to ‘read between the lines in Japanese. However, over the course of time, I have learnt and realized how to infer in the works of authors. I have demonstrated critical thinking through my skills of inference in texts. My next step to improve would be to analyse such sources into texts. I am not good at analysing and structuring texts into my own words, thus that will certainly be my goal for next semester. As a learner, this inspires me to work even harder, to the next level, which will, over the course of time, allow me to be more fluent and smooth.

INformation Literacy:


Individuals and societies has helped me to improve on my research skills, which I was not that fluent at before. I am now capable to research a topic effectively and narrow down my results from the many sources on the internet. I have learnt to use keywords to find what the information that I only need, nothing else. My next step to improve would be to inquire even further asking questions beyond to help get deeper and greater understanding about the topic. As a learner, this inspires me to ask more questions frequently to get a deeper meaning about what I would like to know.

During Design, I have shown the skill of Information Literacy mostly while performing tasks of Criteria A and B. I have used these two criterion to research about my a bad mascot that I had to help improve. I was able to do so, while finishing in the time period given. My next step would be to gather all of my data, and structure them in a neat and organized way: such a way in which I would be able to use effectively later on. As a learner, this inspires me to create and/or use more visual representations such as mind maps or graphic organizers.




I demonstrated this skill during multiple subjects, however, I have used this most effectively during the class of physical education. (P.E.) I collaborated effectively with my dance partner, Theo. This led to a dance with big impact, and it seemed very successful performance. I chose this piece of work, as it best shows our collaboration skills which led to an organized product. In this unit, I learnt a variety of dance moves and what makes a good performance. My next step would be to organize my visual map more effectively. THis work inspires me to keep up my good work.
In addition, I performed a high degree of collaboration during the activity, MS Rockschool. The collaboration of multiple instruments created a high-end final product. Furthermore, MS Boys soccer made me realize the importance of collaboration. At first, I did not realize this, thus acted independently. However, after multiple games and experience, I realized that I was playing on a team, not my individual sport; therefore I had to fulfill my role and do what I could for the team.