Drama Speeches

In drama, we have recently been planning our speeches on friends, neighbours, teachers/coaches, or family. I chose to speak about friends and their importance in our daily lives. The challenging aspect of our speeches was that it had to be in a time frame, 1~2 minutes long. In my speech, I think that I used volume (especially some emphasis on specific words),  physicality (posture, hand gestures, etc.), and the fact that I did not look at my palm cards too often. However, in my speech, I think that my organisational structure had tumbled down. I was planning to speak about one topic at a time, however, my topics jumbled up everywhere!

1. My best skill was looking at the audience straight on and making hand gestures. I wanted to make an emphasis on hand gestures, for on my previous speech, I had a lack of hand gestures.

2. I should improve on organising my speech, and memorizing it by head so that I wouldn’t need to look at my palm cards and make some awkward silences.

3. I would rate my speech a 7 out of an 8, for overall, my speech was clear and emphasized. However, again, I have areas of improvement needed.



Another speech which was captivating was the speech of Awabi, for he clearly expressed his point while making his speech humorous.


Drama Improvisation Tournament

In drama, we performed an improvisation tournament, where a tournament was held with the following ‘Improvisation-skills’ games:

– Space Jump

-Double Expert Figures (DEF)

-Die Story Die

-(I forgot this last one 🙁 )


How did you use offer and acceptance in your improvisation?

– I used offer and acceptance in this improvisation, for Alec and Ben were constructing the story, (offering) and Eddie and I were following what they said using our hands. (accepting) At the same time, sometimes Eddie and I lead while Alec and Ben followed what the hands (our hands) were doing.

In what ways could I improve my performance?

-I could have improved our performance by increasingly acting in role, for sometimes the actions that I performed were out of character, more like a boy, while the role that was supposed to be performed was a girl.

How could you use the skills of this game for performance?

-This game focuses on improvisation. (That was the whole unit!) Thus, this game provides skills for drama performances when ideas created ‘on the spot’ must be performed.

Rate yourself out of 8, be honest!

-Honestly, I would rate myself a 6, for I think we did well in this performance. However, there were many areas of improvement, also I may have laughed a bit during the performance.

This was a brief overview of the Q&A for our Drama Reflection. In addition, this is what we have been doing in class.





Here is our group’s performance: (via Vimeo)