Civilizations Project Reflection (a.k.a. The BIG Mama Project)

For humanities, we have just finished our BIG mama project, also known as the civilizations project. Since I wasn’t here for most of the unit, I was only able to write a small, unhelpful reflection.


1. What did you learn about civilizations?

Since I wasn’t here for most of this unit, I cannot really state what I have learnt in this unit. However, based on my knowledge, I know that civilizations:

  • Need basic water supplies
  • There is always one (or more) rulers of the civilization
  • Civilizations mostly have social class structures, different religions, currency, and other basic structures.

2. What did you learn about doing BIG Projects?

Again, I can’t really state this, except for my knowledge. I have, actually, had many experiences about managing BIG projects. BIG Projects are important, and they cannot be messed up. Therefore, big projects are important, and they must contain lots of information which should be clear for the reader to read, presumably organized in categories.

3. What are you proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that I made a lot of progress in what, three classes? Despite having a very limited amount of time, I managed to cover most parts of my civilization. Other than that, I don’t think I could assess myself on anything else.


Link to the lost Antaros: Link to website


Speaking of ancient civilizations, here is a pun from the Ancient Egyptians:


How did brave Egyptians write?

In hero-glyphics (hieroglyphics)!