Blog Post for Field Studies – (blog post 3)

For my last blog post, I would like to talk about the biggest learner profile I accomplished in the 6th grade field studies. The learner profile that I accomplished was the profile “RISK TAKER”. On the second day after sleeping in a tent on the lake, we rotated during two activities (which were canoeing and a obstacle course). I got put in a group to go to the obstacle course in the morning first. Once I got to the obstacle course (which was called E.X.) I looked up and I saw an obstacle course in mid air! At first I was super excited and couldn’t get waited to start. The though changed 5 minutes later when we were climbing up the tower to start the obstacle course. “Wow this is getting pretty high” I said to my friends as we kept going one floor higher. When we eventually got to the end, I was having second thoughts about doing this course. But I gathered up all my courage and remembered the learner profile RISK TAKER and finished the course. During the course, I experienced so many frightening obstacles that I was sure I couldn’t possibly do. Yet I finished the course and was feeling better than ever 🙂


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  1. Great job on being a risk taker! I thought that course was kind of scary as well, but it was still fun. I thought that the easy to read and I’m exited on reading the rest of your posts. In school I think that you have been a risk taker skateboarding because I suck at it and every time I do it, I fall and hurt my self.

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