My subject for my Art Symbolic Portrait was my brother. My brother likes to see things in a negative way, he can be agitated easily and show anger towards everybody. For the portrait, I wanted to show an intense array of different colors using shades. I felt as if natural disasters were a perfect surrounding for the portrait. To show this anger, I thought a volcanic eruption with dark colors such as purple and red portrayed a crazy intense surrounding. After designing the volcano, I decided that I had too much empty spaces. I then thought about natural disasters and added lightening. I think that these brilliant strays of light are perfect to add to an intense portrait! The expressionism painter Nolde, was my influence for this portrait. Nolde demonstrated and included an amazing combination of different colors to produce intense colors. I wanted to include such colors to really show what I wanted.

I added many shades to colors that were bright. (red, yellow, orange) This brought out the color, however gave more of a dark feeling. I also took into mind different colors that you wouldn’t expect in volcanoes. For example blue and purple. These two colors really showed a contrast of different emotions. They really made a strong difference rather than just adding the general colors you would find.

I would like my audience to focus on this volcano. It demonstrates and shows an intense array of colors that portray darkness. I think these bright colors with dark shades will definitely catch audiences eyes.

I think using different pictorial elements to describe this intense and angry feeling, I would use a dark room with saturated colors. (mix of tints and shades). This would give a pale, lonely, feeling. In this room, I could have shattered glass on the floor. In my opinion, broken glass gives me a sad and scared feeling.

I think that artist’s idea is more important. I think this because the artist need to display his/her feeling and show it onto the paper. The audiences job is to identify what the artist was feeling. Without the feeling of the artist, the audience will not have anything to see.

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