Buster Keaton – I love you Analysis

This silent movie is about a young man and woman passing notes to each other through a hole in the fence. The man: Buster Keaton,  lives in a small tenement. (which is a small room that people live in).

Major Actions in the film: Quite near to the end of the film, When the man passes the note carrying the message “I love you” through the hole to the woman, The woman retrieves the note and does different joyful and jolly dances to demonstrate a happy feeling. This was a major action because I was able to tell clearly what she was doing and exactly how she felt.

Major Facial Expressions in the film: After the man passes the note and leans on the fence, an older woman, (Quite possibly a mother or a nanny) catches him looking suspicious. When the man notices, he quickly hides the hole as well as his happy emotion. His expression changes into more a serious/nervous feeling. This expression meant that he didn’t want the mother/nanny to catch him having a woman send notes back and forth through the fence to him.

Major Postures during the film: Right at the beginning of the film, you could see the man waiting for something to come. His postures shows him leaning on the wall will an anticipated look on his face. When a note passes through the wall, his posture becomes straight like a gentlemen and his face lights up. This means that before the note came, he was waiting for what seems like a really long time. When the note appears, he becomes a happy man and his posture becomes more straight.

Background Story: As Buster woke up the next morning, he got himself ready. He took a shower, brushed his teeth and but on his best hat. He snuck out of the house into the backyard so that his mother wouldn’t wake up. There he leaned against the wall waiting for his girlfriend to wake up.

I think  I could use the waiting/anticipation posture. While Ben is waiting for me to arrive, he can be using that posture however with a more angrier and frustrated facial expression. This will really be clear to the audience that Ben is having a ruff day.

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