Field Studies Reflection!

In my opinion, this years field studies came with so many overwhelmed students, when field studies finished, us students were definitely not disappointed. The activities planned, the delicious food, and the free time activities were all plenty fun and we usually always were doing something.

3 Learner Profiles I demonstrated this field studies?

1. Risk Taker

I think, during the whole field studies, there were so many opportunities when I was able to show me being a risk taker. One of these opportunities was the rock climbing session. Previously, I never really had a legitimate experience with rock climbing. Though I tried my best to get past my fears and aimed to complete the hard course. (Which I did)!

\rock climbing

2. Balanced

Over field studies, when we weren’t doing activities planned by the chaperones, we were hanging out and chilling around the lodge. (Playing foosball, ping pong) etc. Although I have some really amazing friends, I tried playing with different people that I wouldn’t normally play with. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about these students and spend time with them.

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3. Caring

Field studies means spending time with your grade 24/5! Of course there would’ve been a few conflicts, however they were resolved. One conflict did take place, but my friends and I did our best to solve the conflict by being fair. At the end of the day, the two realised that this was a silly matter to fight about and thanked us for making them feel better!

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