Speech Reflection – Lukus

As I re-watched my speech performance, there were so many things I know I could’ve completed better. However, there were some things that I was proud of throughout my speech.

I do think that my modulation was good, I was able to clearly hear myself at times although I stuttered from time to time. For modulation, I know I could’ve improved the pace of my speech, and the amounts of pauses. (I’ve now learnt that pauses help separate a different topic so that you don’t keep going on and on).

For posture, rather than staying still for the entire time, I could’ve moved a little more often. At times I would sway (Which I’m confused whether that is distracting or interesting). I tried my best to add as much facial expression as possible (when there was a humorous section or a serious section). Something that I could’ve worked on for this section of the speech was definitely the amount of times I looked at my Que cards. This could’ve easily been solved by practicing my speech more often.

My best skill throughout the speech was my modulation. I was able to clearly hear myself loudly throughout the whole speech.

Something that I could’ve worked better on was the amount of stuttering and looking down at the Que Cards. Stuttering causes the speech to be unclear and it is hard for the audience to understand what the speaker is saying.

Click her to watch my speech!

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