DIY Reflection for Drama – Keita and Lukus

From the first moment when both Keita and I knew that we were going to choose a DIY program about Onigiris, (Rice Balls), we decided to make our target audience middle aged woman as well as men who are interested in Japanese Cuisine. We tried informing our audience with basic facts and a serious tone. Our organization and practices went extremely well. I visited Keitas apartment to ensure we knew what we were going to do and that we would try and make as little mistakes as possible. Our script was nice and detailed to a perfect length. However, we could’ve definitely tried to control our actual program (live). At times, we had a little giggle which we do need to practice. Especially when we have an energetic crowd! In my opinion, we did show the audience clearly each step and process and just in case they missed a step, we made sure to recap each step at the very end. However, we did make little mistakes here and there involving laughter and misplaced items. However, it was live tv and we knew we just had to continue. My best skill was keeping the audience entertained. Although we didn’t mean to do it on purpose, we still got the audience to be engaged and not be bored. (It’s better for the audience to laugh then them being bored). I think a program that was appealing to me was definitely Sophies and Imtiza’s “how to make a tie dye” shirt. They had catchy phrases which caused the audience to laugh and most importantly, they showed each step carefully and precisely so that the audience could follow.


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