Steps to making my arrangement.

Throughout this project, it was definitely a hard process even for me (coming from a musical background). The first part was to decide on a song, I chose rather a much more simplified piece because I knew I wasn’t the most comfortable with tasks like this. The second step was to find the tuning which was the hardest part for me. Figuring out the tuning for an arrangement for another instrument is the most crucial and if you are to mess a slight change in tuning, it can cause your piece to sound off and wonky. (This happened to me). The final step I did was to continue to practice. I only overcame my biggest problem recently when taking time to inspect the sheet and figuring out the best tuning. Overall, this was a great experience and next time I think I will be able to understand each step better and better the next time a task like this comes up.


One thought on “Steps to making my arrangement.

  1. Thank you for posting your arrangement, Lukus. This piece is very suitable for the koto, and I think that you were successful in coming up with a good tuning to use. It could have been much better if you had practiced more. Also, it is hard to see any special creative work here. Hopefully in the future you will take advantage of some of the special characteristics of the koto when doing an arrangement.

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