Video Blog Post Process/Practice part 1 and part 2

I feel that Roku Dan has been going very well for me. Currently, I feel confident with the first dan, second dan, and a bit of the third dan. My three goals to practice was:

  1. The first technique in the first 2 measures of 3rd dan. This was a difficult area for me because I never encountered this special technique and takes lot’s of practicing to perfect. I practiced the end of 2nd dan into the first 2 measures of 3rd dan repeatedly for over 15 minutes, and it’s safe to say I feel much more comfortable with this section then before.
  2. The second thing I wanted to work on is the accuracy and evenly strumming. During my videos, I’ve noticed that in certain sections I am not consistent¬†with the strums of the strings. Meaning that in some parts, I would play really quiet (not on purpose) and then on other sections, I’d play really hard. The way I practiced this section was tape a video of me playing each section, and analysing each part to see the consistency of the strums so I could work on it to become better.
  3. The final thing I wanted to work on was the dynamics in general. This piece includes a variety of different dynamics, and it is crucial to make sure that I include every single one. The dynamics really bring out the melody and the beautiful sound. Like my second technique, I videoed my 1,2,3 dan and analysed each section to make notice the parts where the dynamics are slacking and I tried my very best to improve that part.

2 thoughts on “Video Blog Post Process/Practice part 1 and part 2

  1. It is hard to see your progress from before the break without a video posted from December. You mentioned that you would focus on the presses in your first post, but here you mention dynamics. We have never talked about dynamics in Rokudan. Thank you for your comments, but please be more careful to do assignments in a timely fashion and pay attention to directions.

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