French HRW Replies

Mise En Train Chapitre 5.

1. The relationship between the friends is nice and lively.
2. At the beginning of the story, Chloé, Thomas, and Cécile are at the house, calling Sébastien if he would like to come to the café.
3. The three of them then decide to go the café.
4. Chloé has trouble deciding what to order. When Thomas asks Chloé and Cécile what they would like, Cécile replies she wants water with mint, whilst Chloé is still having a hard time deciding what to order.
Wen everybody is full with food, Chloé just remembers that she has forgotten her wallet!

Chloe invited Sebastien to go to the restaurant.

Cecile wanted a menthe water.

Chloe wanted orange juice.

The server delivered the drinks and said “Bon Apetite.

Thomas asked for the bill.

Chloe could not find her money.


Sebastien said he had homework to do.

She wanted a menthe water.

We will take an orange juice.


He had to do homework

Did you choose yet?

I will take……

What kind of fruit juice will you take?

What is the price?

Can we have the bill please.


She can run home to get her money.


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