Roku Dan Performance Reflection

Overall, I am proud of the work and effort we as 7th graders put in to the concert. We individually worked hard and could rely on each other to deliver a great performance. This year, we performed a traditional Japanese  piece known as Roku Dan.

My main areas of focus was the whole of Second (Ni) dan, where there were many different techniques used. I did my best to improve this part by practicing it weekly (As shown in my practice videos). Mr. Patterson and Miyama Sensei were also a great help to many of us, for parts that we were unsure of.  Practicing as a group was really the best way for us individually as well as us as a group to get better. It really gave us a feeling of what we sounded like and parts we needed to practice.

There were some weeks, where I had forgotten to practice which could’ve effected my koto group when performing. Therefore, I should’ve set a date every week (2 times a week) where I would practice for a certain amount of time to improve parts that I personally needed to work on.

During the concert, was better than expected. I’m going to be honest, but during rehearsals people such as me may have been feeling quite nervous, and ignored all the things we learned. However, during the performance, I came back to my senses and did the best I could. Although I was proud of the way we as a group performed, there were still things we could’ve definitely improved on to make a better performance. Firstly and most important, we played much fast than the original tempo that Mr. Patterson provided us, causing our song to be messy, and fast. When I was performing, I felt great, my goal was for my group and I to do amazing and “wow” the audience. Although it may have been my fault that the tempo increased dramatically, I was sure that we as an ensemble had a great time showing off what we had learned in the past 1-2 months. I definitely met my expectations, my expectation was to avoid mistakes in the focus lines (2 dan). Which I did, but made other mistakes in areas where I THOUGH I was comfortable with, but apparently not.. My goal for the next piece and concert, would be to definitely focus on the whole song, rather than just practicing the focus lines. This will benefit me, because I will then be great if not perfect throughout the whole of the song.

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  1. Thanks for posting, Lukus. Rokudan is not an easy piece and I am very proud of your class and what you were able to accomplish. It is important to identify your weaknesses and focus the most on those areas, but in music we also have to focus on the piece as a whole. Maybe I should have stressed that more. Tempo is always difficult to control with a large group. I think that will be a very good thing for us to work on all together as we move forward. Generally rushing of the tempo is a result of being nervous and/or unprepared. I look forward to continuing our work – finishing Rokudan – next year! Keep up the good work!

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