Expanding my Comfort Zone during G8 Expedition

Throughout the Expedition week, Grade 8 was welcomed by a variety of different scenarios in which made us feel uncomfortable.

During expeditions, I got out of my comfort zone by jumping off clips from heights that I’d never jumped from before. Cliff jumping was challenging for me, as I had never gone off from such heights. However, I was anxious at the same time to finally begin enjoying certain activities. After the first few cliff jumps, I began enjoying the thrill and feeling, and began volunteering first to do so. By the end of the activity, I was feeling very comfortable with heights and even came up with a little strategy to help me jump. I was even able to do a front flip (sort of) to conclude my fear of great heights!

Although this may be unrelated, soon after expedition ended, I was able to face my fears and use the same technique once again to do a 107 meter free fall!


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