Nature vs Nurture – Lukus Mui

The way we behave and how we act under certain circumstances has formed a controversial debate on “nature” vs “nurture.” Nature relies on the genetics that have been passed down by our decedents and ancestors. This can heavily effect our behaviour as how we act, can be based on the genes and actions of our parents and so fourth. The Hines study on “Monkeys and toy preferences” showed that the female monkeys were attracted to the bright pink colour dolls. This would be an act of nature, as the female monkeys are thought to be attracted to the dolls due to its maternity instinct (the need to take care of the younger infant).

The act of nurture relies on how the society and our environment can affect the way we deal with different scenarios on a day to day basis. Nurturing, can be taught by how parents choose to raise and discipline their children, as well as the whereabouts (and or the environment) they spend their childhood in. Nurture, ranges from your eating etiquette, your likes and dislikes that you have been showed and taught through, as well as many more different scenarios. An example of this is the BBC documentary on “gender stereotypes” which explains how grown adults have created a toy stereotype based on the gender of the baby. For example, if the infant was a boy, the adults would give him mechanical related toys such as cars and helicopters, whilst if the infant was a girl, the adults would give her dolls and “girlie” toys.

Based on the Nature VS Nurture conversation, I think that both factors are necessary and when combined is ultimately better. The reasons for this, as showed by the “Hines Research Group” states that nature helps people to have an instinct based on their ancestors genes. This can be a positive factor as females then have its maternity instinct to take care of their infants. However, it is also important to recognize nurturing, as shown in “BBC Short Documentary on Sports” where African American genes (because of their past) have stronger muscle tissues allowing them to excel in certain sports. However, it is important for the African American athletes to be taught/nurtured in order for them to succeed at their competition.


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