Bon Séjour

Activity 1

1. She tells her family to hurry as she does want to be late when picking her friend up from the airport.

2. Sandra describes her friend as: tall with brown hair. She has a red skirt and her suitcase is black.

3. Sandra and Mrs. Lepic decide to go into the terminal to retrieve Sandra’s friend, whilst Mr. Lepic awaits in the car.

4. Mr. Lepic’s first mistake is identifying the wrong girl as Sandra’s friend. He makes this mistake as the following girl looks just as Sandra has described her friend.

5. When all is thought to be resolved, Pamela realizes that she has the wrong black suitcase.

Activity 2

1 = E
2 = D
3 = A
4 = C
5 = B

Activity 3

1. Il est neuf heures du matin.

2. Comment est-elle?

3. Tu as fait bon voyage?

4. Ça va? Pas trop fatiguée

5. Je te présente…

6. Excusez-moi…

Activity 4

Next in Une méprise, I think that Pamela will enjoy her time in France along with Sandra and her family. They will visit different monumental structure and view the picturesque scenery all around France.

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