Grade 9 Expeditions Reflection

As expeditions come to an end, we, students return to our daily routines with a slight changed mindset.

The following journey has allowed me to understand and gain applicable knowledge to a day to day situation here at school. Firstly, whilst embarking on the ascent towards the peek of the mountain, I learned that in order to succeed and enjoy the experience as a whole, analytical skills was an essential element; as you had to think upon the different scenarios and situations you may find yourself in, and practice to avoid any of the following obstacles. This skill was important throughout the hiking experience as we had to pack prior to each hike and consider the items that we would include, and others that we would displace. I feel like this skill in particular has enhanced my academic years so far (especially in a test situation). This skill has allowed me to analyse each obstacle that I may find myself upon, and patiently work in order to come up with a solution.

I challenged myself in a variety of ways throughout our expedition experience. Firstly, I realised that no matter the condition (as a hiking group were in), we had to persevere through all our personal hardships to achieve our final goal. This was a challenge for me in particular, as at times, I was demotivated to progress through the mountain. However, by setting a distant goal that I would be able to challenge myself to ultimately achieve by the end of the day, enabled me to challenge myself in a variety of different ways.

One thing that I would take under precaution if I were to take part in a similar activity, would be to brainstorm each possible scenario that I may find myself in. During this experience, I had misjudged the weather conditions and therefore under packed. This led to a more less enjoyable few days as at times (specifically at night) I barely contained the necessary guidelines for the clothes and was extremely cold!

Despite my ability to pack, (and looking in the near future to see what problems I could’ve avoided) I speak for everyone by saying that the following expeditions enabled us to learn and gain knowledge that could be applied in any situation. I found myself learning to appreciate those who were around me, as well as the type of environment that I would not be use to seeing here in the city. If an opportunity such as this were to unfold, I would gladly take interest in part taking of it, to continue learning new tips and techniques, whilst avoiding mistakes that I had previously performed.

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