a ) Pamela is welcomed at the entrance of the house, where the kitchen and the main living hall is presented. This is followed upstairs, by showing the bathrooms, the bedrooms of all the family member, and then finally the room that Pamela herself would be sleeping in.

b ) Pamela would like to visite the Cathedral of Chatre.

c ) It turns out that Pamela is tired from her long trip and decides to take a small nap.


a ) Pamela trouve la maison sympa.

b ) Sandra montre la maison a Pamela.

c ) Pamela aimerait bien visiter la cathedrals.

d ) Sandra explique comment aller a la cathedrale.


1 a ) Sandra welcomes Pamela by providing an MTV cribs (house tour) as this helps for her to feel comfortable in a known environment

b ) Mrs. Lepic responds to a compliment by saying thank you to and to make herself feel at home.

c ) Sandra asks Pamela how she is feelings, as she has just completed a long flight.

d ) She ensures Pamela that they are to do what ever they want depending on her opinions.

2 a ) By thanking those that compliment her, followed by her gratitude to be able to live in the house.

b ) In a very excited manner.

c ) Can we ? Would you like to?


Voici le toilet.

Voici le bathroom.

Voici ta chambre

Voice le diner.

Voici le kitchen.


Je voudrais visiter beaucoup de la monument pour faire des photos. Ensuit, je voudrais manger quelquechose de traditional. Apres, Je voudrais acheter de souvenirs.

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