Representing the AISA tournament on behalf of Yokohama International School

In a way, basketball as a sport is a symbol that I represent. To have been selected to represent the Yokohama International School Varsity Basketball Team (as a freshmen/grade 9 student) let alone be a chosen member for the AISA tournament (held in Seoul, Korea) was truly one of my most rewarding and fulfilling personal accomplishment.

Entering high school, I was aware in terms of athletics that the opposing competition would increase substantially through middle school. Thus, I had set personal goals for me to improve as an individual to help expand my mindset of a high school athlete. Although I had put myself through training, I was bombarded with a mindset thinking that I was either too short or too young of a player to compete at a varsity level. This effected me in a variety of negative outcomes as I felt that I may not adapt well with my fellow teammates. However, once chosen to represent the varsity team, this allowed me to gain confidence and to truly believe in myself. It strove me to practice even more to achieve my next goal: AISA. (unfinished)

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