Mise En Train Answers

1) Students are taking pictures as the school in which they are attending is hosting a documentary like project.

2) Agnès and Jean-Philippe take pictures of the different sceneries and aspects that Martinique contains as a whole.

3) They emphasise the beauty of the different monumental sights and views. They show different sides to Martinique, ensuring to incorporate the jungle biomes and beach biomes.

4) Stéphane and Lisette take pictures of the daily lives of those living in Martinique

5) How the daily life of those living within Martinique operate, the activities that they participate in, and the works that they attend.

1 – D

2 – C

3 – E

4 – A

5 – B

1 = Stéphane
2 = Agnès
3 = Agnès
4 = Stéphane
5 =Agnès

1 = They investigate nearby sites using the map shown, as they then decide where to go in order to create a well fashioned presentation
2 = ‘C’est un bon idée”
3 = They use a map.
4 = The climate is always sunny.
5 = Maintenant, Souvent, Quel que fois, Toujours.

D’abord, je peux prends des photo pour le paysage du Martinique. Ensuite, je peux prendre des photos de la plage, la montagne, et le paysage dans son ensemble

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