8th Grade student Led Conference

I demonstrated the “Thinking” ATL in the English course when constructing The Creative Writing assessment. I was able to able to analyse the meaning and effect of language in a way to communicate the theme of my piece (in which was the actions of the good and bad). I learned that in order to display a theme in a story, thinking about the figurative language techniques such as imagery as well as similes would communicate the theme well and appeal to the audience.
I used the “Thinking” ATL in the Design courses when analysing and brainstorming techniques to incorporate in my final design animation. By thinking about possible animation influences, I was able to use the ideas such as certain animating techniques as well as artistic styles to use as inspiration for my animation.

I demonstrated the “Social” ATL skill in the Individuals and Societies course as I have been incorporated in many collaboration assignments. The most recent being the Country Development Project, where we took on and represented a country stating facts about the past factor information as well as the future development goals for the country. I was able to use the social skill especially, during this project as I had to brainstorm, research and put together the information that my partner and I collected together to form a well and solid presentation.

I also used the “Social” ATL skill in the Drama Commedia dell’arte performances as we were given randomised groups to create a lazzi (known as a short skit/performance/gag). I used the social skill whilst choreographing the lazzi when discussing and deciding certain gags/jokes to perform as a group together.

I have used communication skills in the French course as I have been taken apart of many skits and performances in order to enhance my french speaking and confidence levels. Such as the family skit presentation where Adam and I re-enacted a conversation between a parent and a student.
I have also used the communication ATL skill in my physical education studies, as we are currently focusing on the aesthetics of box dancing, in which is a series of boxing performances showed as a dance routine. The goal of the aesthetics is to communicate a storyline of a competitive match (for example) as I feel that I was able to enhance my communication skills through performing a symbolic dance.  

A course where I need to work on my ATL skill would be mathematics, as I need to find a suitable work ethic and studying pattern to study for tests, as shown in the investigating criterias, which I was unable to understand. My current goals will be to develop a certain studying pattern in which I will be able to review my math notebook and study per night on a day to day basis.