Want to know about me?

My name is Lukus Mui and I’m 12 years old at the moment. I go to school at Yokohama International School. (YIS). My nationality is half Canadian/Hong Kong. (But living in Japan currently). I love Japan because of my friends and mostly the food. My family and I visit Canada every year while we go to Hong Kong not that often.

My hobbies include skateboarding and basketball. Something I really like about these two sports is that they can be done with a bunch of friends. I’ve been playing basketball with my friends as long as I can remember and never lost any interest. I’ve been skateboarding for around 2 years but am still a little bit new to the sport.

I also really enjoy playing music. I’ve play piano, guitar and a little bit of drums. I enjoy the music genre “pop punk” and 2 of my favourite music bands are “Man Overboard” and “The Wonder Years.”

To past time, I play “League of Legends” with my best friends  I also like to watch a lot of tv series including “Modern Family” and Bob’s burgers.

Here are some links to my favourite websites:




Finally here are some photos of my family and I. (Im the smallest in the family).


DSC_4797    DSC_5210


Here is one video which I love to watch 🙂

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