Mise En Train Answers

1) Students are taking pictures as the school in which they are attending is hosting a documentary like project. 2) Agnès and Jean-Philippe take pictures of the different sceneries and aspects that Martinique contains as a whole. 3) They emphasise the beauty of the different monumental sights and views. They show different sides to Martinique, […]

Chapter 3 – Mise En Train Answers

At the beginning, they are all at the city centre, debating about which food course they should enjoy the following night Pamela and Sandra help Ms. Lepic buy bread and pastries to be served alongside the escargots. Pamela decides to buy a bouquet of flowers for Ms. Lepic to show gratitude for the homestay. Ms. […]

Bon Séjour

Activity 1 1. She tells her family to hurry as she does want to be late when picking her friend up from the airport. 2. Sandra describes her friend as: tall with brown hair. She has a red skirt and her suitcase is black. 3. Sandra and Mrs. Lepic decide to go into the terminal […]

French HRW Replies

Mise En Train Chapitre 5. 1. The relationship between the friends is nice and lively. 2. At the beginning of the story, Chloé, Thomas, and Cécile are at the house, calling Sébastien if he would like to come to the café. 3. The three of them then decide to go the café. 4. Chloé has […]

French Task

Emilia is sending the letter along with pictures of her and her friends. Emilia enjoys listening to music along with playing tennis. Emilia would like to know if snow occurs in San Diego. Emilia very much enjoys her time in Quebec. Emilia likes to hang around with her friends.   Emile would be likely to […]

French Homework.

1. I think the magazine is about small introductions to people. 2. télévision animaux correspondre photo impatience 3. I think it means small anouncements. 4. Hugues Vallet 5. Mireille Lacombe Laurence Simon Amélie Perrin Laurence Simon Didier Kouassi Karim Marzouk 6. First name, last name, age, address, photo of you. 7. Jai douze ans, et j’aime bien le basketball. avec […]

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