Roku Dan Performance Reflection

Overall, I am proud of the work and effort we as 7th graders put in to the concert. We individually worked hard and could rely on each other to deliver a great performance. This year, we performed a traditional Japanese ┬ápiece known as Roku Dan. My main areas of focus was the whole of Second […]

Personal Focus

I think the part I must focus on is section D. This section acquires lots of notes and needs a long time to memorise. This is the main part I need to focus on however all the other parts I feel quite comfortable with. For section a and b, I need to focus on dynamics. […]

Rythem Composition

I think the challenging bit of this project was learning all about the website noteflight. I included koto techniques such as skui etc. Then I had to find those techniques or what sounded like the techniques on the website. I really enjoyed trying very different notes and then listening to my final product. It really […]

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