French Answer

1) Céline est dans un mauvais mod, parce que elle raté son bus, elle est arrivée à l’école en retard, et elle oublie sa devoir. She was caught oversleeping through her alarm clock, she then missed her bus; and thus arrived to school late, and finally she forgot to complete her homework. Hector feels bad, […]

Mise En Train Answers

1) Students are taking pictures as the school in which they are attending is hosting a documentary like project. 2) Agnès and Jean-Philippe take pictures of the different sceneries and aspects that Martinique contains as a whole. 3) They emphasise the beauty of the different monumental sights and views. They show different sides to Martinique, […]

a ) Pamela is welcomed at the entrance of the house, where the kitchen and the main living hall is presented. This is followed upstairs, by showing the bathrooms, the bedrooms of all the family member, and then finally the room that Pamela herself would be sleeping in. b ) Pamela would like to visite […]

Cartes Postales

Cher Victor, Nous sommes en vacances au Mont Tremblent où Nous visitons mes grandparénts chaque année, ils sont très sympathiques. Tremblent est une petite station très belle en pittoresque. Ici il fait assez beau. Hier, le temps était mauvais mais aujourd’hui il fait beau. Tremblent a une grande montagne, où vous pouvez faire du ski […]

Projets De Weekend – Answers!

Tomorrow, Isabelle plans to have dance lessons, and shopping. It is currently Friday Afternoon. Mathieu suggests to go to the zoo, the cinema, and a concert. Isabelle prefers to visit the eiffel tower, the “sacre coeur” and the “promenade au palais de chaillot.” Both Mathieu and Isabelle finally decide by going to the cinema to […]

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