Projets De Weekend – Answers!

Tomorrow, Isabelle plans to have dance lessons, and shopping. It is currently Friday Afternoon. Mathieu suggests to go to the zoo, the cinema, and a concert. Isabelle prefers to visit the eiffel tower, the “sacre coeur” and the “promenade au palais de chaillot.” Both Mathieu and Isabelle finally decide by going to the cinema to […]

French HRW Replies

Mise En Train Chapitre 5. 1. The relationship between the friends is nice and lively. 2. At the beginning of the story, Chloé, Thomas, and Cécile are at the house, calling Sébastien if he would like to come to the café. 3. The three of them then decide to go the café. 4. Chloé has […]

Steps to making my arrangement.

Throughout this project, it was definitely a hard process even for me (coming from a musical background). The first part was to decide on a song, I chose rather a much more simplified piece because I knew I wasn’t the most comfortable with tasks like this. The second step was to find the tuning which […]

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