Grade 6th Portfolio

For my first student led conference in middle school, I have been very proud of the work I have done this year. Here are my hand-picked favorite pieces of work I have completed.

From the start of the school year, my main goals were to be enthusiastic during all tasks and classes during school periods. My other goal was to be organise with all class subjects and hand in my projects and assessments proud and confidently.

In I and S I have selected my Postcard because I feel that this project was really fun and I was always full of enthusiasm. My second piece of work I chose for I and S was the Latitude and Longitude. I chose this assignment because it was a really fun teamwork assignment.

In English, I chose the Roald Dahl Essay because it was one of my downfalls because it took much longer than necessary. On the other hand, in my opinion this was my best project. Story Opening. This project was close to the end of the first semester however it was still my best writing piece for many different reasons.

In Science, I chose my science poster. I chose this piece of work because I really felt proud and I thought that my information was clear. The second piece of work I chose was the bees project. This was most likely my favorite assignment we got to do. The idea was fun, learning about it was fun, and finally putting all my ideas into a pamphlet was fun.

In Tech/Design class, I chose my best work, the final step of our becoming a blogger unit. This reflection was basically my final reflection in our becoming a blogger unit. I feel that I succeeded well with this unit. The next piece of work I chose was the Tutorial Research. This was a really fun assignment to do because we got to watch Youtube videos and learn what was good and bad about other tutorials.

In Math Class I have chosen my math poster on algebra. I feel that algebra was one of my weak spots. The next assignment was the Consecutive Number Assingment. I chose this assignment because it was the start to algebra and was really confusing for me.

My next goals for the following semester is to Strive for accuracy. I think this is important because my work always tends to take more drafts/copies then needed. Take english for example, my Roald Dahl essay, it took me around 6 copies to just perfect one paragraph.

My other goal is to Persist.



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