Showcase Portfolio 15/16

Showcase Portfolio ATLs



In Humanities (Individual Societies) I collaborated with Jesper to form a slideshow about the colonisation of the British empire and Hong Kong. Jesper and I researched how the British empire affected Hong Kong and vice versa. When collaborating with a partner, I felt that I learned so much more information then I would’ve if I worked by myself. This is because we had the same mindset and we knew what we had to research. In the science class, I collaborated with many other grade 7 boys and girls to test each persons highest frequencies. This is a link to my spreadsheet where I gathered all my information.




In drama, earlier in the semester I collaborated with Keita to communicate a talk show about making onigiris. Although it didn’t go as fully planned, we enjoyed the process and we gained plenty of experience. For this assessment we had to choose a partner and come up with a simple task that we would feel comfortable presenting in a class talkshow. In order for this to work 100%, I visited Keita’s house so that we could get in some practice before the real show. Our goal was to communicate how to make Japanese Delicacies “Onigiri” but after the show, we realised that we communicated laughter and humor.


In French class, at the beginning of the year, I participated in a video called “Mon Sondage” where I compared my personal hobbies with a classmate. This was one of the first projects of the year so it was a nice refreshment to get back into the French language.

2000px-Civil_and_Naval_Ensign_of_France.svg (1)

Recently during English class, we created infographics about a topic of our choice. My topic was about a disease well known in this world, cancer. My topic was to communicate some causes of cancer, and simple tips on how to prevent this disease. I was very proud of this project and felt that I delivered interesting yet helpful information about this topic.


This year in Japanese class, I’ve gotten an upgrade to a higher levelled class. Here, the work is more challenging as we always have to communicate in Japanese, whether we are talking with the teacher or our friends. Recently, I’ve just completed a presentation and script written by me about the topic Hokkaido, and what tourist attractions I can see there, what are famous foods and drinks, and finally what I thought about the place. For this project, I was able to test the limits of my Japanese vocabulary and learn new words along the way. Although this assessment could’ve definitely been improved, I am very proud of this.




Creative thinking

I used the ATL “creative thinking” in Art Class. For this assessment we had to choose a place from our hometown, and draw (in pen) a before and after picture. I used this ATL by visualising each an every step on how to turn this artwork into real life. My subject was the Montreal Expo, a famous monument in Montreal where people all around the world came to hang out. From the start, I knew that the Montreal Expo was going to be a tough choice, it involved many techniques in order to make beautiful, however, I decided to try it and.. it turned out ALRIGHT.

In music class, I used creative thinking by arranging my own version of the song “Canon”. Our project was to take a simplified song, and add base notes in order to make the song more interesting.