Wilderness engagement

1. What did you learn about yourself?

I learned that even if was hard and tiring parts during the hike I have to push myself to keep on going as even I  want to give up I can’t. I also realised that sometimes I think very negatively than I usually do. 

2. Describe the challenges you faced and the ways you challenged yourself.

The challenges I faced was to not think too negatively of my self. As I couldn’t keep a positive mindset during the hike I tried to at least think of how much time I have left and how far I went. Another strategy that worked was to think of what I could do when I go home.

3. How did you develop self reliance?

I developed self reliance on keeping myself warm during the night and not making everything wet. As I was not used to the place I had to adapt to it in a short amount of time.

4. What would you do differently next time?

I would try to talk to more people after the hike as I only talked to people I was close to. I think talking more to people that I wasn’t used to could have made my hike a little more enjoyable. Next time I would also try not rely on others to get me through the hike as I wasn’t

5. Describe your role in the community of the expedition, and your connection with the YIS community.

I think my role in the community is following everyone else but saying my thoughts when I disagree. In the YIS community I try to be open to other people and listen to their opinions and such.