Nature VS Nurture – Debate

In INS class, we have started a class on Phycology. We have been discussing and studying about “Nature VS Nurture”. Nature, means something you already have when your born, so that is genes. Nurture, is something you are taught to be or like, for example by the environment and the society.

One example of nature is physical appearance. It is likely to get the same hair color or eyes as your parents by genes. When you are born, maybe you are good at playing piano because your mom was a pianist but to get better, you get taught by someone and you improve and that is nurture. But I think most pianist or athletes have both nature and nurture. I think some people are really good at something because of their genes but to get to the top level they have trained a lot so I think nature and nurture are both used and combined together. I personally think that when you were really young, like 3, their are more nature than nurture but when you start to grow up with other people, nurture can be over nature other (but maybe not your appearance). But either way, theirs is differences among individuals, some miracle can happen. 

People have been debating in the past and now about this topic, if we are ourselves because of our genes or the environment,  meaning if our behaviour is influenced and changed by genes or environment. In my opinion, I think it is both, and that physical appearance is mostly our genes and our personality is both but has more nurture than the other. Maybe some people are really energetic because their parents were or maybe it was the environment that made that person like that. I think there are no answers now today, but it would maybe get figured out in the future.

Expanding my comfort zone during G8 Expedition


G8 Expedition was exciting and I had lots of new experiences during the week. On day 2, we had rafting and canyoning. Rafting was easy, but canyoning was challenging for me. We had to jump from 25 meters high above, and it was new, and I got a little scared. But, people supported me by saying “Let’s go Risa!”, or saying something like “It’s going to be very fun!”. After I tried the big jump, it was enjoyable and at the end of this activity, I wanted to do it again in summer. It was fun but the water of the river were freezing. When I’m scared or nervous, I try to smile and I take a deep breath to make myself relaxed. This could happen in real life, meaning try something new and having supports from your friends, or people you know. Risk taking was important in this activity and I had a memorable week.

Also, mountain biking was a little big challenging for me. I don’t usually ride a bike and the course was very steep and there was always a sense of falling. It was very hard at first, but the staff told me some advice I could try out, and I got relaxed and comfortable and now, I could stand up on the pedals! In real life, there could be something scary but it is important facing fears and in real life, it can mean to not overthink too much. In this activity, I had to make quick decisions to stop the bike by pressing the break.

We had lots of free time and I talked with someone I usually don’t, it was fun talking with them. Also, Aki was in the same room as me, and I never had a chance to talk to her before the expedition but after the expedition, I hangout with her and I’m very happy I have a new friend. When we did all the activities, we separated in groups and I had chances to talk to people whose not in my class (8H).

I would like to thank the staffs as well because they supported me a lot and during the free time, I had some conversation with some staffs and it was a great pleasure.


Reflection on DD

Designing our project was fantastic, exciting, and also very interesting because everyone in our group had ideas and things we could do, so we had lots of options to make and that was fun and really helpful. I enjoyed a lot in dragons day and it was better than I thought and I was very satisfied!!

Reasons I liked working with my group is because they are all funny and fun to talk with and we had some unique ideas and a lot of ideas and I thought they were creative thinkers! They listened to my opinions really seriously and didn’t laugh or said negative things. They were really nice and they included my ideas in our project, that was very fantastic!!

ATL skills that I used well was collaboration. Collaborating with my group was very successful and great! Helping each other and supporting each other was very good and we didn’t make people do some kind of job that was a lot. We talked and helped someone that didn’t really get what they were suppose to do, and I was very happy that we didin’t have a big argument.

Great moments along the way was talking with my group and also filming the skit we made ( short video) and also having the brain breaks.

One thing I learned from another group was to hand made and use materials from school, like the Smokey costume. Also using clays and paper to demonstrate and I think that was cool.  Also, there was a group that had a paper on the table and made the audience draw something and I think that made the audience happy and didn’t make them bored.

Next time I will use more materials and also to not use the phone or a script very often and look into their eyes and check if they don’t get bored. For the 6th graders, I think we had too much words so we made it short and I think that was good.

Something awesome that I contributed was to show the short video we made with our group, it is funny and it has a meaning in it! It made the audience enjoy, laugh, and I think it was an interesting idea and I need to thank Rob for this idea and also my group! screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-3-36-47-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-3-36-37-pm

Plants In Mars- Science

Hello, In science, we have been working on a project called Plants in Space. People are planning to live on Mars, but can people live in Mars? Mars is a planet in space. It is the fourth planet from the sun and it is the next planet to the Earth. The color red from the mars are from the iron in its soil. Mars is very cold, average temperature on Mars in 80 degrees. Also,  There are more problem such as no oxygen, atmosphere, sunder storm and poison etc…

1.In Mars, there are no oxygen in as I said before so how do you bring and make oxygen to Mars?  We need  oxygen to breath to say live. If we have a oxygen in Mars, people can breath and live. But, we also need to know how we can make the oxygen. You can make a oxygen buy getting a lot of water and a plant and bringing it to the Mars. By using the energy of sunlight ( solar) , plants can make carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen, this is a process called photosynthesis and in science class, we learnt it. It will take a lots of time but it is still posible. I think this is the best solution because it is easy and simple to make a action.

2.One other solution how you can bring oxygen to mars is,  by passing an electric material through water and separate the hydrogen and from the oxygen. This process is called the “electrolysis” and it is an easy way and a common technique used.

I think the best solution is the first solution because sun( solar) is always there and the second solution, you use a electric material and it would be faster if you have a sun because sun is bigger and has more energy and power. Also, if you use a electric thing, it would cost money and if you chose the 1st solution, its solar so its free and you just need to wait for the sun to come. This is why, I think the first solution is better.

Thank you for reading!


Drama Folktale: “The Tongue-Cut Sparrow”

Main Character: Old man, old woman and the tongue- cut sparrow.

Major Plots:

・There lived an old man and an old woman. The old man was kind heart and kept a young sparrow which he tenderly nurtured. One day, the sparrow pecked and ate a nori(laver) and the old woman got made and she had cut the sparrows tongue and let it loose.

・The old man asked the women where the sparrow was and found the injured sparrow on the hill and he asked what had happened to the sparrow. The old man felt really sorry for the sparrow.

・The sparrow told the old man where he lives and lots of sparrows gave the old man a delicious food and performed a dance. Before the old man was going to left, the sparrows brought him a basket.

・The sparrow brought heavy basket and a light one. The sparrow said to chose one of them and the old men chose the light one to take it home. “What a polite sparrow!” answered the old man, who remained for a long time as the sparrow’s guest, and was daily feasted right royally.

・When he got home and when he opened the basket there was lots of oval and coins. Then, the old women wanted the coins as well so she went to the sparrows house to get the oval.

・Then, the old woman said to bring the souvenir ( おみあげ)quickly. The sparrow asked if she wanted the big heavy one or the small light basket. She said to bring the heavy big one of course.

・It was really heavy and she took a break. She opened the basket a little bit and she was excited to see a huge amount of money but there were snake in the bee to the centipede, and terrible face of ghost, had entered a lot.

・She ran home with fear and the old man said to the old women that “she was really mean to the sparrow and she was greedy so she got spelled from  the sparrow. In the future, you should be nice to all creatures and also, never be greedy again” in a nice tone.

Moral: This moral tale warning against greed (greedy) and the importance of friendship.

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Spanish Unit Reflection

In unit three, it was a new topic as always but completely new because I never learnt it in 6th grade. We learned about the vocabulary like types of clothes, weather and colors. One of the understanding I learnt in this unit it the new vocabulary and when, where we can use it. Yesterday, we had the native speakers come join our class and we had a conversation with it. It was really hard but I know that adjectives go before the noun and after the noun, its the agreement. Also, I learned and understand the way of saying “it” to a object(lo, los ).

I think I did good on this project. Compared to the units before, I remembered more vocabulary than before and understood how to write letters or understand the questions better. I looked at quizlet to learn the vocab more easily and fast, I also revised my notes before the exam that was very helpful. Also, reading the question and understanding the question is very important in most of the Spanish Exam. But still, there were some question that I didn’t understand so I would like to improve more, understanding questions and paragraph, what the text is saying. For the next unit, I can use the things we learnt in other units ( involving this) and developing and learn more new things. I would like to speak or have a conversation in Spanish more fluently.

Overall, I think this unit was an enjoyable and a fun unit that taught me lots of new things in a short time.


DIY TV Show Reflection

Hello, in Drama class, we have been working on DIY. We needed to make groups of 2 and I chose Yoshie to work together with. We chose to make “Oyumaru Charm”, and we had to show the steps in details. This is our video, hope you enjoy ⇩

7B Drama: DIY TV Program4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

To start off, our  target audience was for girls, from age 10 to 12. We talked clearly and big and a little bit high for the audience, and we spoke a little slow so that they can get what we are saying. Also make hand gestures to make the audience understand well and not to make it boring. For the materials, we used a pink container and a pink stop watch, pink Oyumaru to make it interesting and to make the girls want to watch this using the color most girls like ( pink or light blue).

Secondly, in terms of materials and sources I think we did a good job. We set it up neatly so that we know where everything were and that makes us easy to show the steps really smoothly and if it looks neat on the table,  the audience would be happy as well. But maybe, we could had have more things to decorate the table and make it cuter for the audience.

I think we said the steps really clearly and the order were perfect. We used effective words like “Next, first, secondary, finally” . We also said suggestions and trivia while there were some empty time we could use for something. We said advice using the word ” be aware of, be carful.. ” and more. My voice was big and I think it was clear. I used big moves like big gestures to make the audience more interested and not bored. I used gesture when to explain the shapes, object and also the scene that might happen while making the Oyumaru Charm. When I was starting off my DIY show, I used a varies tone, with big voice to make the audience get interested and in to it.

My best skill was to use variety of gesture and speak loudly because using variety of gesture is while talking, you use your arms and facial expression to show what you are trying to say. Also, I spoked loudly and clearly because if you use this skill, the audience can understand what you are saying really easily.

I should improve on having a eye contact to the audience so that it looks like I am in this topic and not thinking something eles. Eye contact is a important thing when communicating with other people.

Another group which was captivating was Kalea, Akiko, and Wenyu’s group because they had lots of trivia that makes us not get bored, and they voice was clear and big to understand, also they had eye contact and I really enjoyed it and it made me want to make the mini pizza.

7B Drama: DIY TV Program2 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

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