The Nature vs Nurture debate is an argument that has been going on for at least a century, and it still remains up for debate today. Is our behavior created by our genes, or are they just influences from other people? Today, I will talk about my opinion on the Nature vs Nurture debate.

I want to talk about the studies that were used to prove one side of the argument. These studies are the Cambridge study, and the Hines study. The Cambridge study proves the Nurture side, while the Hines study proves the Nature side. While these experiments did show a result, I am not going to say that one side is more influential than the other. What I am going to say, is that people have potentials from when they are born. That potential gives them, well, a 1% advantage over other people. People may have been “born” to be better at some things than others. But they have to train for it, and they have to want to be the best in order to, well, be the best.