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Gapminder assignment – Task 1

Japan India Development Even though Japan is very densely populated, it is a More Economically Developed Country. Even though India has developed hugely throughout the years, it is still a developing country or an LEDC> Birth rate 1.41 per woman… Continue Reading →

DD Reflection


Here is the link to my KISHOUJYOUHOU recording: https://soundcloud.com/ayaka-nakasuji/final-japanese-project-1

Mars/Space Plants in space

Projets de week-end

Activity 1 1.lets see the family photos! 2. she has a brother named Alexandre. 3. she has three cousins. 4. her grandparents and her parents. 5. she wants to be the only child because, when she hears that Thuy is… Continue Reading →

Koto Concert (March 11) – Reflection

1. What were my areas of focus? How much did I improve on them? What was effective about my preparation? What worked best? Why? My area of focus was mainly the 2nd dan. Especially when we moved our bridges. I think… Continue Reading →

Industrial Revolution – Town Through Time

How did the Industrial Revolution change the world? I think the Industrial Revolution changed the world. Industrial Revolution was a time when everything changed from the old days and new things were invented. For example, the steam engine was invented by James Watt. Even… Continue Reading →

What caused the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution started in the United Kingdom and spread to to United States eventually when agricultural production started to became more and more common. Agricultural Production caused the Industrial Revolution because it could send more people to the cities where they could work… Continue Reading →

Puppet Show Reflection

I tried not to sound the same between the shark (2) and the narrator by speaking slowly and in a slightly higher pitch when I am talking as a narrator because when I am a shark, I don’t seem positive…. Continue Reading →

Koto Rokudan – Goal (2)

The three main parts that I have been working on are: The 6 and 4 press because it is very hard and I have to move my self the サーラリン ( sa ~ rarin) in the very first measure of… Continue Reading →

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